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  1. Hidden Pokemon is my new and first hidden objects game in C2. The game consist in three levels where you have to discover all Pokemon requested before time run out(15s). Try it on http://crazygames.cc/hidden-pokemon.game Soon, the game will be available for embed on gamemonetize.com.
  2. I made this game using a base sprite for any item, then you add an empty sprite , add more animations to any sprite, create variables for any of these sprite types like skirt_var, dress_var etc and you fix these sprites. On the body you set all to animation 0 (mean to the transparent animation), then when you click on the dress button or any other you set the animation, that is all. Also you must play a little with the skirt and the dress variable and set it when the dress is 1 the skirt must be 0 and vice-versa. To make the game more easy to create you can use family for buttons and more.
  3. Hi guys, today I received my first payment from Gamemonetize.com, thanks a lot Gamemonetize.
  4. The game has 640x510 and was structured on 6 levels in contrast to the flash version. In this way, when you finish a level the game will store your completed level(s). In this version I implemented also spikes in this way the game is more harder. Every level has 3 lives. Soon, in the game I will add a leader-board using sql lite. The game can be played on any device. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game. Play on computer: http://crazygames.cc/gravity-guy-html5.game Try it on mobile: http://m.crazygames.cc/gravity-guy-html5/
  5. Check my first dress up game called Elsa beach dress up. Try it on http://crazygames.cc/elsa-beach-day.game
  6. I just finished my gravity guy game, in HTML5 of course developed with Construct 2. The game consist in 6 levels based on the flash version and you can play it on mobile on m.crazygames.cc. Check it on crazygames.cc. Link: http://crazygames.cc/gravity-guy-html5.game
  7. Hi guys, today I try it to login to my Gamemonetize.com account. After I try 3 times the login form tell my the user not existing anymore. When I try it to see if my games are still in the games catalog I see nothing , the whole my account was deleted. I just sent a mail to the team. Ok, seems their was a problem with the server, everything now is working well.
  8. I try it to add a game to gamedistribution.com, everything ok till I test the SDK implementation who not working the ads show up at the start and when I finish a level. I tested through the iframe and in the browser and nothing, when I check the checlist form still not passed test. I quite to upload anymore. On gamemonetize.com I uploaded a game in 5 minutes.
  9. I try it to upload some games but your upload form not working. Check please .Thanks.
  10. You can embed games free from gamemonetize.com, where I just uploaded 4 of my games. Below are the links to my games: The games can be embeded in inframe are also mobile friendly. Minigolf Html5 Play it on http://crazygames.cc/minigolf-html5.game Embed: Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/d9ltrsqvstwe54lkg2u293z36aldjacw/ Dimensions: 900x450 Angry birds halloween html5 Play it on http://crazygames.cc/angry-birds-halloween-html5.game Embed: Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/svf3t4mi3fjy3m9724x1o1wvsbnf4ibx/ Dimensions:1200x700 Sup
  11. Construct 3 I think support even 3D modeling now and also you can export your game into app. You can try it without subscription and all in the browser.
  12. Check my html5 games below, if you like add it to your blog: Minigolf <iframe src="https://html5.gamemonetize.com/d9ltrsqvstwe54lkg2u293z36aldjacw/" width="900" height="450" scrolling="none" frameborder="0"></iframe> Angry birds halloween <iframe src="https://html5.gamemonetize.com/svf3t4mi3fjy3m9724x1o1wvsbnf4ibx/" width="1200" height="700" scrolling="none" frameborder="0"></iframe> Soon I will add the real Super Mario Html5. You can play on this link: http://crazygames.cc/super-mario-html5.game, If you like it you will find it in couple o
  13. Hi to all, if someone need to remaster flash games in html5 like Angry birds, Mario (platform games), golf etc. ,you can contact me here or sent PM. The games I remastered till now: http://crazygames.cc/angry-birds-halloween-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/minigolf-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/the-world-s-hardest-game-in-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/super-mario-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/pacson.game ( All the levels was created by me) Thanks.
  14. Hi guys, I'm an intermediary developer in Construct 2. The game had 16 levels and a leaderboard who use SQL lite. Couple days ago I finished Minigolf html5. Try it on this link http://crazygames.cc/minigolf.game
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