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  1. You can embed games free from gamemonetize.com, where I just uploaded 4 of my games. Below are the links to my games: The games can be embeded in inframe are also mobile friendly. Minigolf Html5 Play it on http://crazygames.cc/minigolf-html5.game Embed: Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/d9ltrsqvstwe54lkg2u293z36aldjacw/ Dimensions: 900x450 Angry birds halloween html5 Play it on http://crazygames.cc/angry-birds-halloween-html5.game Embed: Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/svf3t4mi3fjy3m9724x1o1wvsbnf4ibx/ Dimensions:1200x700 Sup
  2. Construct 3 I think support even 3D modeling now and also you can export your game into app. You can try it without subscription and all in the browser.
  3. Check my html5 games below, if you like add it to your blog: Minigolf <iframe src="https://html5.gamemonetize.com/d9ltrsqvstwe54lkg2u293z36aldjacw/" width="900" height="450" scrolling="none" frameborder="0"></iframe> Angry birds halloween <iframe src="https://html5.gamemonetize.com/svf3t4mi3fjy3m9724x1o1wvsbnf4ibx/" width="1200" height="700" scrolling="none" frameborder="0"></iframe> Soon I will add the real Super Mario Html5. You can play on this link: http://crazygames.cc/super-mario-html5.game, If you like it you will find it in couple o
  4. Hi to all, if someone need to remaster flash games in html5 like Angry birds, Mario (platform games), golf etc. ,you can contact me here or sent PM. The games I remastered till now: http://crazygames.cc/angry-birds-halloween-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/minigolf-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/the-world-s-hardest-game-in-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/super-mario-html5.game http://crazygames.cc/pacson.game ( All the levels was created by me) Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, I'm an intermediary developer in Construct 2. The game had 16 levels and a leaderboard who use SQL lite. Couple days ago I finished Minigolf html5. Try it on this link http://crazygames.cc/minigolf.game
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