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  1. Nice... already tested it and very happy with the change
  2. Sorry for the delayed answer but I was ill for the past few days ^^ Anyways... regarding git; it would be nice to be able to push the code to github or an equivalent system.
  3. Hey, Been playing around for the past few hours within the MightyEditor and whilst its a very promissing platform, I keep finding myself asking as to why some of my objects keep vanishing. After a few hours I noticed that the delete key on my keyboard which I use of rather often in several programs, automatically deleted some of my resources, this happens randomly whenever you are not focused on the code window. Since there is no confirmation dialog whatsoever, I often found myself wondering as to why resources simply would load or vanish out of existence only to find out that once again the mighty delete key had done its job again. There simply is not enough indication as to which window is currently active and that combined with the lack of a confirmation dialog makes it really easy to unknowingly delete required resources. Furthermore since the undo action doesnt seem to work on deleted resources, this means I have to recreate everything that gets mistakenly removed manually... Can you please implement something to avoid this issue? Otherwise I think this is a great start for a development environment. Once git support will be added this will make things a lot easier to share among teams too. Best regards, C├ędric