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  1. Hi... I am very very new in phaser development, and already found it pretty cool.. I´m trying your example about the onion-head-jumping-dude on the space... and I changed some parts of the tile set png. Introducing new squares that works like Killer Spikes. So, i want now that my player dies when he hits that kind of ground. I´m trying 2 solutions for this, and bout of them have problems with tile index. First one: //Tile 68 and 69 are killer spikes, and if you are touching top face of the tile... if ((tile.index == 68 || tile.index == 69) && tile.faceTop) player.kill() ok, this kills the player, but for some reasson, he dies also when he is not hitting that kind of ground... like if tiles have some sort of bug... Second one: // Directly subscribe to callback of tileIndex 68 and 69... map.setTileIndexCallback([68, 69], this.spikeHitted, this); this doesn´t work at all.. So in conclusion... if i want to do a game (like mario bross) and i want to kill the player when he steps over spikes, how could i do that? Anybody know a cool example? thanks!