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  1. Atomic Build 1 has been released and is now available to download on the website: http://www.AtomicGameEngine.com We also released the 2016 Feature Reel Cheers! - Josh
  2. Hey all, lots of good stuff going on with Atomic. There have been significant updates to the Atomic Editor under Linux over the last couple months. It is still a work in progress, though is getting closer to having a binary distribution We have improved TypeScript project support, including compilation of TS in the Atomic Editor! There has also been work on better API docs, http://docs.atomicgameengine.com/api/modules/atomic.html as well as a bunch of other updates and bug fixes. There is now a "Master Builds" section on the download page for recent editor builds with Wind
  3. Good news everyone! The Atomic Game Engine is now Open Source under the permissive MIT license! We made a blog post with the announcement: http://atomicgameengine.com/blog/announcement-2/ The Atomic Game Engine features Windows and Mac Editors, 2D & 3D rendering and physics, Tiled and Spriter support, standards compliant Javascript scripting, full Editor and Player source code hosted on GitHub, and deploys natively to Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, and WebGL. Atomic Editor Build Settings Atomic on Mobile Atomic Examples 3D WebView Scene Exam
  4. Hello, Looks like there is something up with that (now pretty old) build and recent Chrome.We need to upload some new demos! - Josh
  5. I blogged about the 20 year adventure leading to the Atomic Game Engine, 2016 Roadmap, and our plans for moving the technology forwardhttp://atomicgameengine.com/blog/future-of-atomic-1/- Josh
  6. Hi! Atomic has an entirely free Community version which supports WebGL, Windows, and OSX deployment. It also has a choice of free 3D, Android, or iOS Pro feature. Atomic Pro comes with everything and has lifetime upgrades. We also offer free Atomic Pro indie licenses to all contributors, including all Third Party technology used, there is more information available here on the contributor licenses: http://atomicgameengine.com/blog/announcement-1/ All licenses are full source code to everything, hosted on public GitHub so easy to fork, and the entire Atomic Runtime is MIT lic
  7. Hello! We've been hard at work on Atomic and have released a new Dev Snapshot! It is available from our site: http://atomicgameengine.com/forum/#/discussion/110/atomic-editor-development-snapshots/p1 Update Notes: + High performance Chromium WebView with 2D, 3D, and UI support (https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/cef) + New integrated JavaScript/TypeScript code editor based on Ace (https://ace.c9.io) + New Water Shader, Multi-tab Web Browser, Atomic Drive-in, and Web Texture examples + Updated ToonTown example with dynamic physics, improved lighting, and object p
  8. Are you behind a firewall or proxy? If so, please disable and try activating again. If you're still unable to activate, let me know so we can look into it further. Thanks, Lara http://www.AtomicGameEngine.com
  9. Hello, I've been working on getting the HTML5 player down and optimizing it for 2D, now down to 1.6 megs (compressed) which loads in 1.4 seconds and on a cached version, 166 bytes in 125ms There are still some improvements to make before it is ready to put up, but wanted to share progress. - Josh WEBSITE: http://www.AtomicGameEngine.com CHAT: https://gitter.im/At...tomicGameEngine TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AtomicGEngine
  10. Hi, I don't have an ETA yet, though Linux support will be happening and there is even a GitHub ticket for it now https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/issues/22 - Josh WEBSITE: http://www.AtomicGameEngine.com CHAT: https://gitter.im/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AtomicGEngine
  11. Hey all, Thanks for the great feedback! Just a quick mention that Atomic Pro now includes lifetime upgrades. This is a limited time offer for early adopters Cheers! - Josh http://www.AtomicGameEngine.com
  12. Hello, Thanks for the feedback. Atomic is most definitely in Early Access, there is a lot of work to do. 1) Atomic is code (Javascript and/or C++) driven. There is a 3D scene editor, you can access in the ToonTown example by opening ToonTown.scene. We're evaluating a 2D mode for the scene editor as well, though Tiled is quite powerful (and integrated). 2) The hierarchy panel is currently used in the 3D scene editor, node creation will be implemented in a future build. 3) Atomic can load TMX files that are edited in the integrated Tiled editor, the PhysicsPlatformer was created
  13. Hello, The current player hasn't been optimized for size and includes the full stack, including 3D rendering and physics, for 2D games these can be left out and this will dramatically shrink the size. Also, it can be compressed and will cache, we really haven't looked into getting the size down at all yet. Though, as this is an important metric we'll need to get good numbers on this soon. Atomic runs an embedded Javascript VM, which is quite small and written in C: http://duktape.org One area which needs improvement, is interaction with the VM and the JS in the browser, this way you'll
  14. There's a fair amount of tech banking on fast javascript in the browser, strictly speaking asm.js just makes it faster. I am going with, there will be something that facilitates Javascript being the "assembly of the web". On the Bullet physics, I just did an export of Roboman3D: Atomic Web Player - Roboman3D Example The Javascript for this example is also on GitHub: https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicExamples/tree/master/RoboMan3D/Resources/Components - Josh
  15. Much smaller, especially if you're only doing 2D, as this player build has all the 3D stuff, including Bullet physics It should also be possible to compress it and the js will cache, so possible to have a standard player download, and only provide game specific assets (including game specific Javascript). Say, if you wanted to host multiple games. - Josh
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