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  1. If server rendering is what your re looking for, you should check out some implementation of html canvas on nodejs. I found something like this on google: You can just run phaser on server and render all the frames completely on server. No need to work around the limitations of browser client.
  2. Is it posible for you to give me a link to your game? Otherwise, can you upload a screenshot of the console in devtool of the browser?
  3. I think the problem could be related to conflict between the framework and Angularjs or jQuery, since game events are listened over Phaser update function when added as a plugin in the boot function. If so, the dev version should solve it
  4. Hi everyone, long time no see, I was drowned in work. I have recently pushed to the dev branch some new commits, fixed certain bugs, improved some usabilities, introducing plugins (or add-ons?) and wrapping angularjs to prevent conflicts. I would be writing about details in this update soon Hi, it is now fixed in the dev branch, you should try it out Do you have a link to your game? I can try to see what went wrong.
  5. It infact is, but I may have put the variable to global my bad.
  6. I see, I would reconfigure the code to not load angular instead of silently skip loading. Also, I think I need to change the module name to prevent conflict
  7. Done with the custom plugin system for Phaser Inspector Detail Panel Updating soon. With this, you can write custom inspecting sections on detail panel to help inspecting specific features of your games. Others might also develop independent plugins for the Phaser Inspector Plugin to share with the community Yeah, it is a plugin-ception. Notice: While writing a plugin to live displaying and editing a number/text value is relatively simple, with some prewritten classes that you only need to extend and configure, writing complicated things like the frame renderer like the one at the end of the detail pane when selecting a sprite/image would require you to know Angular.js to write the html template . Here is a gist for an example of a complicated custom Phaser Inspector Detail Panel Plugin (the frame renderer)
  8. Just opened a new channel #Marketphase on Slack join me
  9. How about I add a drag and drop toggle for display object - Select an object - Turn the drag and drop on which + enable input + enable drag + set inputPriorityID very high - Drag and drop at your desire location - Read the location from the detail panel - Turn off the drag and drop Sound good?
  10. [Deleted, some how my post got doubled]
  11. Guess what is coming to Phaser Inspector Plugin? Watch the video
  12. Very much agree. Should we build it from scratch or deploy a Wordpress site?
  13. Sound cool. Nicholis: I have no experience with Azure. Is it a VPS or hosting like Heroku? We would also need an external hosting for files. Or we can do things similar to and People would put a github link instead of uploading files. The marketplace might work in some ways: - Community dependance like living on a patreon campaign or donate; - Direct profit like taking percentages out of sales like Envato Market; - Optional premium account for seller like the files would be hosted on our server, encrypted with services like; Anyway, Phaser's community is not that big so making money might not be the point here. Self-sustaining first I guess?
  14. I'm totally a newbie in an internet community project like this Do you know where to start?