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  1. Hi, if you rift is a dk2 it doesn't work, the driver was specified for a DK1. But you can still use babylon and the rift. You need to use WebVR with a compatible browser( link bellow) and then use the webVRCamera available in Babylon. Unfortunatly WebVR technologie is a draft so spécification move quickly and aren't stable, that why currently the WebVRCamera doesn't work anymore ( delta work on it) so you must be patient. if you really want to work on rift right now, you can download an old version of browser ( like chronium VR 41 <---- AREN'T STABLE AT ALL) and use the webVRCamera. You might be change some axis because the quaternion to euler angle convertion do messy thing ( some math skill do the job ). Chronium VR: MozVR: WebVR: WebVrCamera statut : PS: be aware that WebVR is a draft and browsers like chronium are far from a Beta, FPS are divided by two and moreover latency and judder are inevitable. That why currently, the rift experience with webVr disapoint a bit. I hope i help you and sorry for my poor english skill.
  2. I don't know how wheel mouse events are detected and what kind of value he returns. But with what you say, I assume your delta is an absolute position, and should be relative. Stock your previous value of delta and subtract it to the current one. (This difference is the length of the vector) But keep in mind your wheel is rotative that mean his value is contain beetween [ -lamba , lamba] or [ 0 , 2*lambda]. So you have to think about what happen when the wheel is near 0 or lambda. I hope this explanation help you.
  3. var length = delta/200;var DirX = Math.sin(camera.rotation.y)*Math.cos(camera.rotation.x);var DirY = -Math.sin(camera.rotation.x);var DirZ = Math.cos(camera.rotation.y)*Math.cos(camera.rotation.x);camera.cameraDirection = camera.cameraDirection.add(new BABYLON.Vector.(length*DirX,length*DirY,length*DirZ));Not tested, but this should work.
  4. Hi, I want to show data on a mesh ( an histogram, one axis is data , other is time). I use a dynamic texture and the render loop to slide curent content by one column, then i create an array to stock my data then i rewrite the content of the array on the first line of my texture context. This is an exemple ( playground doesn't work) of the structure. This structure work but i don't thing i have to touch two time conText with the same function( cost FPS). I'm completly conscient that a better way exist like paste each pixel in image data, but before i need your suggestions. var dynText = new BABYLON.DynamicTexture("dino",512,scene);var conText = dynText.getContext();var size = dynText.getSize();var pixelIndex =0;// render loopengine.runRenderLoop(function () { // array of my data, each loop i've got completly new data [0,1] donnee = ligne(); //slide by one all my previous data, NOTICE the one at the end conText.putImageData(conText.getImageData(0, 0, size.width, size.height), 0, 1); // write the first line with my data imageData = conText.getImageData(0, 0, size.width, size.height); for(var j =0 ;j<size.width;j++){ pixelIndex = j*4; // grey scale imageData[pixelIndex ] = donnee[j]*255; // red one imageData[pixelIndex + 1 ] = donnee[j]*255; // green oen imageData[pixelIndex + 2] = donnee[j]*255; // blue one imageData[pixelIndex + 3] = 255; // alpha } conText.putImageData(imageData,0,0); dynText.update(); scene.render();});
  5. Thanks a lot , i tought it was me ^^".
  6. Hi, I'm new on this forum so i don't know if this topic is necessary. I work with occulusCamera and i can't understand why my texture apply inside my sphere create this kind of artefact on the right eye. An exemple with the fourth tutorial: This distorsion is visible only in specific angle of view, so move around to understand the topic. I think it's a problem in rendering algorithm but i don't know where or how to fix it. I hope you can help me. Sorry if my english is bad ^^, it's not my native language.