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  1. themoonrat


    What you're looking for is a mask
  2. I find that a video needs to be played for seeking to work in updating the video being watched. So try seeking, then a play, then a pause again.
  3. The reality is, everywhere supports 4096x4096. But! If, during your app, a texture is required to be rendered from an atlas not yet in the GPU memory, then a 4096x4096 texture is going to take longer to upload to it, and, in my experience, cause a micro stutter in the app on older mobile devices. So I used 2048x2048. Not quite as efficient as more atlases required.. but texture swapping doesn't effect gameplay. Now, depending on your app, that may or may not be a problem for you! You might be able to guarantee all base textures are uploaded to GPU using prepare plugin before being used, or you might only be targeting desktop, or might not have many textures so no multi-texture swapping is required.
  4. Yep, PixiJS is made for the normal browser environment... so anything outside that is out of the project scope. But there polyfills out there and a few specific pixi projects to enable it to work elsewhere
  5. When you're not using a preloader... the width is 1 until the image had been loaded. We can't know the true width of something if it's not been loaded yet. When it has, an event on the texture is fired and the true value can be known. If using a loader, then it'll give you the references to things it loads which you can pass in elsewhere. The built in loader will add textures loaded into PIXI.utils.TextureCache that you can reference from anywhere.
  6. I believe the prepare plugin, to upload textures to the GPU, also uses the system ticker, to try and not flood the GPU with tons of uploads all in 1 frame
  7. In the event data, there is a flag called 'isPrimary'. So you could ignore events where that isn't true to effectively disable multi touch?
  8. For your first request, it can be achieved by creating a Blur filter on the text. Now tween the strength of the blur whilst also tweening the alpha for the text, and you should have the effect you require. For the latter: do you have an example that you could show please to help visualise the effect?
  9. Correct. Animations and such should always be based on time rather than frames to ensure things occur at a consistent speed regardless of fps. You'll often see 'delta' used in rendering engines. Some have delta as 'the amount of time passed since the last time an update occurred' and some have it as a number which has '1' running at normal speed, and '2' meaning the engine is running at half the fps. Then you can multiply the delta by your movement amount and voila.
  10. Unfortunately this is the limitation of using the Canvas API to draw text onto a canvas, which then becomes the texture for a Sprite. Isn't what you need, but was one persons way of mixing Pixi and the DOM together
  11. I'd just call destroy As part of the DisplayObject's destroy function, it has the following code, that removes itself from any parent it has if (this.parent) { this.parent.removeChild(this); }
  12. You can access the raw html video via videoSprite.texture.baseTexture.resource.source So from there you can set the currentTime to manually change the play location -
  13. I've added a pr to make updateText public!
  14. Haha np! If there's one thing I've learnt in programming: we're all dicks at one stage or another!