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  1. Stage can have a transparent background PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(renderWidth, renderHeight, {'transparent':true}); i think its better to have 1 stage with many DisplayObjectContainer .. For sprite layer its just set when you add something to a stage .. Exemple : stage.addChild(object1); layer 1 stage.addChild(object2); layer 2 .. Use DisplayObjectContainer to have many item on 1 layer See the documentation it will help you alot .. im still a new user from pixi but i respond my best
  2. i Translate everything in english sorry for that i forgot
  3. My Litle Testing project of a tower defense game : This is my first experience with pixijs and to do a game .. In this project you have colision detection .. Path finding with Its in 2d Bird View Well comment is welcome Feel Free to use code if needed !!