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  1. i'm using euroca.io , i want to make a native app using cooconjs, my application show a black screen, can some one help me ?
  2. thanks @tips4design, but i want to make an apk application that i can install in my smartphone.
  3. I develop my game using phaser and node js, how to make it a native application (android and ios) ?
  4. thanx westinghouse, this is my code, i can drag my cards but the card come under the cursor , i have a problem in the position of cards , can some one help me? BasicGame.Play = function (game) { this.bg; this.spriteTopLeft; this.spriteTopRight; this.spriteBottomLeft; this.spriteBottomRight; this.cards = new Array( '1_p', '2_p', '3_p', '4_p', '5_p', '6_p', '7_p', '8_p', '9_p', '10_p', '1_c', '2_c', '3_c', '4_c', '5_c', '6_c', '7_c', '8_c', '9_c', '10_c', '1_d', '2_d', '3_d', '4_d', '5_d', '6_d', '7_d', '8_d', '9_d', '10_d', '1_t', '2
  5. thanx westinghouse, but this explain how to add an action onDragStart and onDragStop, i want when onDragStart, the card folow the mouse position, when i click again i can stop draging
  6. i'm new developer in phaser ,i have so much problem, i want to make a cards game, can someone help me ? how to start drag when clicking and to stop it when doing another click ? can i do it ?
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