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  1. Hi @gryff! Wow amazing! First of all congratulations!! Being a granddad isn't in my plans yet but it must be great! We used the Babylon.js Exporter 4.2, which is on GitHub. We saw the other version but it didn't export and as both versions were available we choose the one that worked. I'm going to talk with my friend showing him your suggestions and we'll try your model as well. I'll post as soon as progress is made. Thanks!!
  2. Hi @gryff! The model is designed from scratch, but I didn't do it. My friend did it (model and animation). So I didn't understand part of your comment but I'll show him your message (he's a newbie with Blender but far better than me!!) Here's the blend file: monje.zip
  3. Hi @RobertoMolina! In order to use Phaser you don't need to use a Java server like Tomcat. Just an static HTTP server. Most popular ones are Apache and Nginx. You can even use Python's builtin http server. python -m SimpleHTTPServer Phaser games can be hosted even on free hosting sites if you want. I've noticed you speak Spanish. Take a look at: Gamedev Hispano , they can help you in Spanish with Phaser.
  4. Hi, We have a model with an animation. We've done it in Blender, then exported with the plugin. But the animation isn't working. I don't know if it's a problem between Blender/Babylon.js y/z axis or is something related to the scaling. Here's the code BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "/data/", "sectarian4.babylon", scene, (meshes, ps, skeletons) => { this.mesh = <BABYLON.Mesh>meshes[0]; this.mesh.isVisible = true; this.mesh.position.y = 0.5; this.mesh.scaling.x = 0.05; this.mesh.scaling.y = 0.05; t
  5. Hi jpdev, You were right!! I didn't know what the first parameter was for so I put a random name. Now it works. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I tried to load a mesh from Blender. I've used the exporter but when I loaded it, the onsuccess callback has a an array of zero meshes. I'm doing: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("sectarian", "/data/", "untitled.babylon", scene, function (meshes, ps, skeletons) { console.dir(meshes); }); And untitled.babylon is attached. I'm using Babylon 2.4 and meshes is an array of 0 elements. I've checked and the babylon file is correctly loaded from the server. What should I do in order to load the mesh? Am I missing something? Thanks untitled.babylon
  7. Thanks! The idea of putting another light works enough for my purpouses but I don't know if would work well if I want to have two textures in the same ground (one on each side).
  8. Hi, I've trying to rotate some grounds generated with the BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround function. I want to simulate a flip deck but when it rotates it doesn't show anything. Later, searching on the docs I've found the sideOrientation option. It didn't work. Furthermore, I've tried disabling backFaceCulling but lightning doesn't work as expected, it goes black but it's better than nothing. I'm thinking that maybe, the ground mesh doesn't support the sideOrientation feature but it would be strange. var floorMesh = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround(roomName + "_floor", 1, 1, 1, scene, true); f
  9. I have used Windows Azure with a DreamSpark subscription and it's good but Google AppEngine works really well for static hosting also. If I want to develop a server based infraestructure, then I will look to OpenShift and Azure first.
  10. It uses Electron, the same platform as the Atom editor. It adds Git support, Intellisense, Gulp tasks, debugging, ... If you use TypeScript, LESS and that things it works really well. Maybe a bit slower because it uses Chromium as renderer engine.
  11. Take a look at bc.vc and ouo.io. They are link shorteners that pay well.
  12. I don't like the idea. They're forcing you to pay an SSL certificate. I saw the reaons in the discussion but FullScreen API warns about the FullScreen (in Firefox you need to accept the request).
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