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  1. Hello. I published my first phaser game on google play using Cocconjs. Now i got an alert from google that my game uses an older version of OpenSSL and i need to update it. This is the first app that i published, so i'm new to this. My question is: How can i update OpenSSL? I need to update it on my computer and then i need to re-sign/align my app? That will fix the problem? I got till Jul 7. to fix this.My computer uses Windows 7. Thanks in advance.Ryeki
  2. Hi everyone! I just finished my first game made with Phaser: RotoPad RotoPad is a 2D puzzle game. The goal is to hit as many balls into the green holes as you can. Everything is pretty simple, the graphics, and the mechanics too. You can try it out on android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dimadaniel.rotopad Feel free to give me feedback. Thanks in advance. Ryeki