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  1. Yes you can do that. You would need to know the coordinates and how you want to erase ( square, circle, line, ... ). Also as a start you can use the example from @JazzAceman and just populate the required lineTo.
  2. andreialex


    Thank you for your recommendation. I am a full time web developer so I have experience with JavaScript. What framework should I use for an RTS game like Stronghold ? I am interested in starting a project like that.
  3. What you can do is add another layer, which you can name it colision or whatever, where you add ones and zeros ( 1, 0) 1 = walkable 0 = not walkable This way you can set which tile is walkable and which is not regarding the terain you are on.
  4. I think you miss understood the layering. You don't need a layer for floor, walls and road, you can put them in one layer and name it background. You should at least download Tiled ( ) and see how it works, you will understand better after that.
  5. True, documented better now.
  6. More information, or maybe a screen with some explanations?
  7. Returning from an fired event does not always stops the propagation as the event will still continue on some browsers. What is the correct way to do is to event.preventDefault(); where you want to stop the event.
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    Hello, I am new here and wanted to ask what framework is the best to use for games. I already started a tower defense game that is purely JS without a framework and was kind of thinking where to head now as I managed to display the map and the enemies and made them move the path. Before I dive even more into the programming I would like to know if I should choose a framework ( and which one ) and port my code there and continue from there.