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  1. Hello everyone. So I've got this problem: I'd like to keep music and game synchronized. The first thing I've tried is to synch music with game, but it just doesn't work because every time I restart the music it needs some time to decode and desynchs again in a loop. Also, IMO it's uglier to hear music skip instead of having the game skip some frames. So I've tried the other way around: synchronizing game with music. For now I'm keeping a variable that for every update sums game.time.physicsElapsedMS. Then it checks this value with music.currentTime to see if they are in synch. If they are not synched, the game speed is adjusted using game.time.slowMotion to let the game catch up with the music or vice versa. This doesn't work perfectly, but helps a bit. I've also tried changing game.time.physicsElapsedMS and game seems to speed up or slow down according to the value I set, but it doesn't look very safe to do. What's the best way to solve this problem?
  2. Well, to be honest that canvas thing started as a necessity. At the beginning I was thinking to do a more complex level layout, with many cogwheels of different size. Something like the attached image. I couldn't just draw an image and resize it because the size of the teeth had to be the same and their number had to change according to the size of the cogwheel. So the best way I've found is to generate them on a canvas and put them in the game cache, instead of drawing them one by one. Also the clock layout had to be precise and probably more time consuming to draw instead of writing a couple of for loops to draw the minutes marks and to write the numbers. Then it became a sort of challenge
  3. Hello! I've just done a game with Phaser for a game jam requiring to make a game with < 5 minutes of gameplay. The game is about an automaton trying to repair a clock tower while chaotic energy is tearing it apart. You can play it on GameJolt: --- Controls: Use the arrow keys or WASD. Left and right to move, up to jump, down to repair. Don't let chaos reach the inner gears. If they break, the game ends Media used: Images and animations are all done by programming, using canvas drawing primitives. They are generated as the game starts. The music is "suddenly, i feel alone" by OmegaP The sounds are public domain from The font is "Metamorphous" by Sorkin Type Co Developed using: Game done using Javascript with the Phaser framework. Text editor: Notepad++ Image editor: None Sound editor: Audacity
  4. Hello everyone! Some time ago I've done a platform game with Phaser for a game jam about food and cooking The game is about a cook-wizard that cooks enemies with his spells to prepare unique and exotic dishes! You can play it on GameJolt: --- Controls: Use the cursor keys to move around and to jump. Use 1-2-3-4 keys to cast your spells. There's a tutorial at the beginning explaining how to use these abilities. Developed with: Intro and UI done using HTML/CSS/Javascript with jQuery. Game done using Javascript with the Phaser framework. Thanks to Jupited Hadley for the Parvas font! Text editor: Notepad++ Image editor: GIMP Sound editors: bfxr and Audacity Map editor: Tiled
  5. Hello everyone! I've submitted a game done with Phaser to LD #32, it's very short (for now at least), but that's what I've managed to do in 48 hours. I hope you will like it The theme was "an unconventional weapon" Link to LD #32 entry: Direct link to game: A game about a mysterious biological weapon. Controls: cursor keys to move, mouse left click to attack. --- Intro made using HTML, CSS, Javascript Game made using Javascript Libraries used: jQuery for the intro, Phaser for the game Text Editor: Notepad++ Image Editors: InkScape and GIMP
  6. Hello everyone! I've just submitted a simple game done in 2 days and half using Phaser to the Mini Ludum Dare #58: The theme was PONG. It's the first time I actually finish a game and go public. The code of the game is fast and ugly, but thanks to Phaser I've managed to accomplish something in such a short time. So I want to thank the Phaser team and let's hope that this is the beginning of something bigger