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  1. Thanks, if anybody is interested you can find it in action @dlsnl_game

  2. Hey guys, I've finally launched my construct 2 game GATE on android as well as brining out a new update for iOS including two new difficulty settings and a share function (as seen in this tutorial I wrote)! App Store Google Play Smash your finger through an endless stream of gates earning medals along the way! Sounds simple? And so it would seem at first, but each gate you pass increases the speed. Suddenly your heart's racing as gate after endless gate flies by as you narrowly miss them until BOOM! You hit a wall, but that’s not the end! You can, if you wish, take a minute, relax and watch an ad before jumping right back where you left off and start the whole experience over again. FEATURES ★ Easy Mode Start slow and speed up with every gate you hit! ★ Hard Mode Jump right into the action at the fastest speed! ★ Fresh Backgrounds Background colour changes every 100 points! ★ Collectible Medals Challenge yourself to collect all 16 medals! ★ Leaderboards Compete for the best score! ★ Score Sharing Share the moment you hit that epic high score! Keep up to date with GATE and other Mad Wizard Studios games @ Facebook: Twitter: New in v2.1: A couple of new features, a couple of bug fixes and allot of polish! -Easy mode. Start slow and speed up with every gate you hit! -Hard mode. Starts right in the action at the fastest speed! -Colour mode. Background changes to all available colours. -Grey mode. Only selects grey backgrounds. These have great contrast and can be much easier on the eyes. -Share function. You can now share the moment you hit that epic high score with your friends on social media! -Popping gates! Added a satisfying little pop when you smash through a gate! -Review link. Liking the game or have a suggestion? Then hit the review button and let us know what you think! -Performance boost. Now runs even smoother. - And a handful of bug fixes. Have any suggestions for a feature or spotted a bug? Send me a message here or on our twitter page!
  3. Thank you very much! I dare say its not the easiest to get running smooth and using iOS's native features but for somebody that can't code, its amazing! Mind me being cheaky and asking if you could send it a review over on the app store?
  4. Our construct 2 game GATE is out now on iOS @ Launch trailer: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: What is GATE? Gate is a game of fast finger reactions. Guide your finger through and endless stream of gates earning medals along the way! The controls are simple to learn, place your finger on the square and the countdown begins. Move your finger around the screen and aim for openings in each gate, hit a wall and its game over. Every gate that your finger passes will award 10 points. Watch out as your points increase because so does the speed that the gates move and the rate they are created! Every 100 points the milestone is market with a refreshing change of background colour. And from 500-10000 points there are 16 medals to unlock!