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  1. Hi fellow game developers. I have a problem: I want to scale up the particles that come out of an emitter, but they should still look like pixels and not have these blurry borders. So i tried "bullet_emitter[number].smoothed = false;", but this didn't work... In the docs it says you need to do someting with "new Particles(game)", but i don't get it. Anyways, if anyone could show me an example on how to set .smoothed = false; on all particles emitted from an emitter, i would be really happy. Here my game: http://qcoded.de/game/libary/rogue/launcher.html click the "enter the game" button and press space when the game loaded. Now you should a bullet (the particle i want to be .smoothed = false;) emitted from an emitter beneath the player.
  2. thank you guys. I will try to make it a server multiplayer game for now. But if this gets to complicated for me, i will try JazzAcemans's solution.
  3. Hi, i currently work on a multiplayer game (here), but i have a problem. In the game the players are supposed to discover a map and for that, they need to split up (like one player goes to the east and the other to the west). But here is the catch, if the players split up, the camera only follows one player and the other one is off screen. My first solution was, that i could scale the game down, if the players get too far away from each other, but this would also mean that the players could see the whole map at once and would not need to discover it. So i thought that maby i can use two canvas to get somewhat the effect of a split screen, but i don't know how i should do this... Could someone tell me, how i can make the camera follow multiple objekts/players, or make some kind of split screen? sorry for bad english...