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  1. Good call. I usually just leave other people's plugins alone once I get them working. I'll be redefining the configuration to get things to animate in and out from now one.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! It was hard to keep the tapping down to a minimum while keeping it a challenge.
  3. Hey there; We've just released The Ascent, a small, multi-touch, browser-based game developed using Phaser 2.2.8. We've targeted mobile devices but the game has keyboard fallbacks if touch is not available. Feel free to take a look and give your feedback! English: I have to thank this community for all the help along the way! Mark
  4. I will definitely try to avoid this going forward. It's too late for this project but am hoping to use a different word for Team in French. Perhaps Club. Thanks so much!
  5. Okay, thank you for the quick response, I'll remember this going forward. Thankfully this only affects the desktop versions of the game.
  6. I'm making a game that uses key presses in combination to accomplish specific actions. Some of the puzzles require that you hold all 4 keys down at the same time. This works fine for the english key specifications (T E A and M) however the french keys N O U and S won't register that they are all pressed at the same time for some reason. I've created a jsFiddle to demonstrate this odd issue. Please help!
  7. Solved this, sorry for the time waste but I may as well post my solution. var myCollision =, platforms, functionA, null, this); // runs collide and savesif(!myCollision){ functionB();}
  8. Is there a collide=false callback? I want function A to fire upon collision and function B to fire if there is no collision; similar to jQuery.ajax success and error callbacks. I want to play my sprite's walk animation on collide=true and it's jump animation on collision=false.
  9. What you've discovered is correct, collision detection makes sure that the 2 physics bodies never overlap.
  10. I vote for List, Set, Pool, or Cast. I'm thinking that this is still a type of Group though, just with a "false" flag for adding to the display list.
  11. I'd guess that multi-touch support would be found in the game.device object. console.log(;
  12. Hey there; You can add anything to a group after creating it with the add() function. myGroup =; // create a group myGraphic =,0); // create graphicmyGraphic.beginFill(0x00FFFF, 1); // paint graphic a colourmyGraphic.boundsPadding = 0;myGraphic.drawRect(0, 0, 100, 100); // draw graphic to screen myGroup.add(myGraphic); // add graphic to group myText = game.add.text(0,0,"text",{font:"bold 12px Arial",fill:"#000"}); // create text myGroup.add(myText); // add text to group myGroup.visible = false; // hide myGraphic AND myText myGroup.visible = true; // show myGraphic AND myTextThis is great for creating screens within a state like pause screens. There is also a relevant thread on adding text to a group here:
  13. It is an excellent and simple plugin that I use in all of my phaser-based projects. Understandably it does have a few limitations: It allows you to customize how you animate the current state away. It does not animate the new state in. It allows you to define 1 transition.
  14. Is there a way to control the percent/amount of the tint? A black tint of 0x000000 will make a green object 100% black, however a red tint 0xFF0000 will not make a green object 100% bright red. Should I expect a tint to only darken my object?