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  1. @John_Pinto tad ambitious with the hair there mate.... ?

  2. kaizoku

    Set cursor style

    Re-iterating this: Is there a standard way of setting the cursor to be your own image/sprite? We've been creating a sprite and changing its position to match the mouse pointer, but now we run into an issue where mouse events aren't triggering because the mouse is hovering on the mouse cursor sprite and not for example the button sprite you're trying to click.
  3. Hi xerver I'm getting the same problem despite running with updated code (I actually work with Martin!)
  4. In our unit tests we're trying to create a Sprite.fromImage() by passing in a data uri. This resulted in some cross origin issues so we set crossorigin to true. At this point PIXI seems to fall over and BaseTexture fails to load properly. Is this a bug or are we doing something wrong? Here's an example of what we're doing: sprite = new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage("", true);This eventually creates a new BaseTexture with our image data but we hit the onerror callback and hasLoaded and isLoading are both false. There's some comments in PIXI about "An underyling source that is immediately-available bypasses loading entirely" so are we hitting this? Thanks
  5. Thanks I'm using grunt-contrib-jasmine which takes care of all that for me. With Pixi v2 I also tried asserting that .bind is a function which returned true so I think that's fine. Our set up is exactly the same so I would expect bind to be a function for v3 as well.
  6. We use grunt templates and jasmine to run our test suite and since upgrading to v3 - our tests fail to run at all via grunt. I think it's down to the way v3 uses requireJs vs v2 and it doesn't seem to play well with our grunt template. The error I get is: Error: define: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this._loadResource.bind(this)')I'm thinking this might be because ./loaders doesn't get required properly? Did anyone face similar problems and have any solutions? For ref our grunt test template looks like: test: { src: ['src/**/*.js', '!src/main.js'], options: { display: "short", keepRunner: true, summary: true, specs: ['test/**/*Spec.js', '!test/grunt/*Spec.js'], template: require('grunt-template-jasmine-requirejs'), templateOptions: { requireConfig: { baseUrl: 'src', paths: { "test": "../test", "echo": ECHO_PATH } } }, '--local-to-remote-url-access': true } }
  7. I'm also having this problem, do I need to overhaul my mouse interactions?
  8. I'm new to HTML5 game development and was wondering if there were any tips or best practice for avoiding browser UI/chrome issues. For example one mechanic in my game involves swiping up, sometimes on some devices this activates the browser chrome and scrolls the game/webpage up instead of swiping the in game object up. Another one might be a two finger swipe scrolls the browser instead of doing an ingame action. How can we reduce/avoid these types of issues? Thanks