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  1. ))) i'm talk about server blocking, it is not browser's problem ))) i think problem get chance on dissolve, when many users say about, i can waiting with use VPN. I need PG some times. Anyway, i made sample in PG and get same result https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8W86ZM#2 Please, take a look.
  2. please, see on screenshots - Netlify only "face", "proxy", "agent", "frontside" (i can't find right word). Real network space used of DO. Anyway access problem is sad fact. Perhaps it make netlify who's know? I try enter from work place (one more another ISP) and get same result ((( nop. clear browsers and i try chrome, firefox and exotic falcon )) In weekend i'll try make PG sample. Thank you very much, man's!
  3. texture was empty, i only create DynamicTexture object (i think if it is a problem babylon throw any error). But we dont use this only declare it. And i think texture after creation has empty pixels. Not? (oops' sorry if it ))) While i dont know how i can attach shader files in PG.... use shaderStore? And one more...problem (perhaps it limits Babylon.js propagation not only for me) Digital Ocean hosting stable block PG for me (i use 2 ISP and it block both) and i forced use slow-slow VPN for see or make samples in PG. Use PG is hard for me. i'm simple harmless home user on Lin
  4. thanks for interest! yes, is very simple and clear and i dont use this texture. Only use (shader.setTexture) dynamic texture bring problem. p. s. i found another way for do what i need, but perhaps it is a bug and Babylonjs community has the meaning cath it? VERTEX precision highp float; attribute vec3 position; attribute vec3 normal; attribute vec2 uv; // Uniforms uniform mat4 worldViewProjection; uniform mat4 world; uniform float time; uniform sampler2D hgTx; uniform sampler2D colorTx; uniform sampler2D dataTx; varying vec2 vUV; varying vec3 v
  5. Perhaps simple applyDisplacementMap can help? First create sphere, second apply displacement. No?
  6. Folks, hi, again!!! I trying use BJS.DynamicTexture for draw in and next use in custom shader, but shader ignore geometry with shader material if i try set that texture as samplier2D. And do not generate any Errors (( If we switch off DynamicTexture or use simple Texture - all is ok. Sorry, i can't make this case in PG. Try show situation here: // var dataTexture = new BJS.Texture('/accel/static/i/fx/.../name.jpg',scene,true,false,0,function(){loadedTextures--;}); // its work var dataTexture = new BJS.DynamicTexture("dataTx",{width:2048,height:2048}, scene,fa
  7. Hi, @klaude ! Perhaps i miss, but in you shader not used specular and emissive factors (some other's factors?), which used by default in Standard Material Shader and change color result for every pixel. M?
  8. yes, few shadowgens for one light will be useful. Separate settings for generators with different shadowcasters. As sample - we can emulate transparent shadow (more light shadow) for some objects without real transparency. But... we can use 2 similar or clone light - it can be made simple )
  9. shadowGenerator.setDarkness(0); can make shadow lighter, but can not make more dark, if object get light from another lightsourcers 😕
  10. Hi! But.... but... i was try it! Oh... i'm sorry and thank you, @NasimiAsl! Now we need delete this post from forum, with my shame )))) How i can do this? )
  11. Hi! Please show direction in this problem: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#4VGW28#4 We have transparent plane and not transparent cube. In real shadows must be look like in attached picture. How we can get it? I trying: 1. find in forum )) 2. use two ShadowGenerator for one light (ha-ha) ) 3. use two identical lights and two ShadowGenerator for every light with one shadow reciever but I did not succeed ( How we can dispose this barrier? in ideas - use two light, shadowGen's, reciever's and mix computed texture from one recievers for other. But i
  12. Hi. Perhaps you need just shft UV coordinates for face with rune? This way must be worked (doc show as do it).
  13. YES!!! This is what was needed!!! Thank you very much!!!
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