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  1. Same here, classical music or folk music, no lyrics. Really helps me think. I think I heard that too... but isn't that for developing children
  2. Just trying to do something fun on the side.

  3. Same as this one: Or this one: Seems to be asked a lot. Is there any documentation on using sensors for p2 and/or links? If not, perhaps someone with experience using them could suggest a write-up for it in the docs?
  4. I have a quick question that I need to ask. I am using Phaser 2.6.2 and was wondering if I could get some help on detecting nearby overlaps using P2 exclusively (at the moment and I would hope to keep it that way for the purpose to not manage multiple physics engines). So my question is, how do I go about this? I am new to Phaser and had troubles finding working examples. OR If anybody has good solutions to the problem of real time combat in a top down 2D game with melee weapons and how to detect hits efficiently, that would be great! I also need this type of proximity detection for
  5. Thank you so much for the in-depth and professional feedback. It is much appreciated! I will be taking a lot of tips from this on the next UI Refactor. I never considered the weighting issue, but now that you pointed it out I will definitely investigate on how to apply those fields better. Again, thank you so much for the feedback
  6. I am using WebSockets for my game and only use traditional HTTP Requests in response to an action when needed - like loading player info. I have always hated long polling so when I could, the first thing I did was use websockets, I didn't regret it. There are also a lot of libraries out there too. They even fallback to long polling if needed (at least some of the ones I have looked at).
  7. I am looking for some feedback for my UI (images attached). The game was a text adventure - but has now gone towards the way of point and click. I have it laid out with a full screen background that is contextual to where you are in the game world. Then on the left side is your UI. On the right I have the game text appear in a window that ends just before the UI menu. There are three main portions: Status (middle), Core Actions (top), and Contextual Categories (bottom) Here are in game screen shots for the item UI. It has a popover for item details.
  8. Hello HTML5 Game Devs! First time post here and I would like to announce a Work In Progress with the working title of Adventure Quest Game. Pretty much the working title sums it all up: Adventure - explore a world of awe and mystery. Quest - you get stuff to do, to get more things! Game - it is fun to play! What is the best part? You can play it at work, because it is all text based - it will just sound like you are working anyways (and lets face it, who really is?). Who are we kidding? There is so much more to this game! This game was made as a showcase of my web technology skills; howe
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