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  1. Hi, I am giving away assets I have made for free. 15 hours left!
  2. I will modify it into a better one. I know I can do better than this! Will update when I make it.
  3. Did a sword drawing for the swordsman. Might change it or scrap it later. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. You mean to make soldiers move around? And yeah of course there will be like that!
  5. Worked a bit today. This is the result.
  6. Hi all. I am thinking of creating a tower defense game combined with clicker games. The idea is to upgrade towers clicking on them, as well as buying towers with coins accumulated. There will also be a hero and you might choose one of three different heroes as a start in the game. The game will have 4 types of towers. 2 of them will be meele and two others will be ranged. The game might be in pixel art or vector art. Though I prefer vector art. It will take 3 months to show the first demo of the game. Will be available online, on Windows and Mac. Here is the first tower I designed for the game. Follow me to check its development: Let me know if you like the idea in the comments section.
  7. Hi all. I am an experienced programmer, working on software/games/websites for the past 5+ years. I am looking to work with a talented artist for a platformer game. The engine is 90% done and you will get 50% of the shares. Here is the preview of the game: I expect much better graphics like this. If you cannot do equal or better graphics, please do not reply.
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    Level Select map. This is what we have so far. Would love to hear feedback.
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    Zombiez trailer.
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    Modified splash screen.
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    Thank you for your comment! Yeah, we identified that as the core problem and we will soon add an objective to the game!
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    Closed beta is ready.
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    Hi all, I have been working on a zombie game and is nearly ready to launch. The game will be about surviving zombies and leveling up. On each level up the player gets more powerful and can unlock new levels, zombies, weapons. There will be new zombies on every 5 levels and there will be new maps on every 10 levels. It will be fun so stay tuned! Level Select Added the weapon selection menu and minimap. This is one of the stress tests I did and I am using it as a screenshot for everyone to see. Let me know if you like it!
  14. Yeah, you have to shoot it 5 times. Anyway that is it for now.
  15. Thanks for playing Umz! And yeah for some reason I got hooked into the game myself. xD Especially last levels.
  16. Hi all, I worked on creating a top-down shooter game. Let me know if you like it. Here is link to play the whole game:
  17. For me it works just fine.
  18. Thanks for playing! Btw, how do I get this game featured on the first page of these forums?
  19. Updated the game and also added mobile support. You can play it directly from your mobile device. Also I have the .apk file but will not publish it for now. Just searching for sponsors of .apk files.