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  1. greendot

    Scale manager

    I've looked at that code before but looks like it's just a placeholder. If you look at it, most of the functions are empty. I've tried it but couldn't get it to do anything. I'm waiting for the final release.
  2. Thanks again, @mapacarta, that indeed solved the problem I was having!
  3. Dealing with the same code, any ideas why the circle doesn't fully close on this example:
  4. You're right, @mapacarta, thank you for this observation! I was going crazy trying to find out why it wasn't working. Hopefully this is a bug in the beta version and not a "breaking" change.
  5. var music = this.sound.add('car');; music.stop(); Make sure you preload 'car'.
  6. I'm trying to strike an arc but I want to leave a gap in between. Something like this: However, when I set a width for the fillStyle, I get this: Is there a way to leave a gap in the last example to look like the first one?
  7. greendot

    Scale manager

    For those who are interested too, I found some info on the dev logs:
  8. greendot

    Scale manager

    Hi, is scale manager available for Phaser 3 yet? I read that its development would start on May but not sure if there's anything out yet.
  9. Oh, I'm glad now that the remove function has the option to destroy. I remember seeing an earlier thread where this feature was looking to be incorporated. Thanks for the heads up
  10. I changed group.children.entries.forEach to group.children.each and works fine now. Not sure why it didn't work with children.entries though.
  11. I'm trying to destroy all the game objects of a scene but some of them still remain in the scene but they're not "active" any longer. By active I mean that they are still being shown and there are still movement applied to them, but they don't collide with other objects. They act like they are ghosts game objects. They way I'm clearing all the objects is like this: this.allGroups.forEach((group) => { group.children.entries.forEach((child) => { child.destroy(); }); group.clear(); }); allGroups is an array of GameObject groups of a scene. Am I doing anything wrong?
  12. Hi guys, I've been trying to properly scale my game, any luck with a built-in solution from Phaser, or do we have to manually resize and position all the Game Objects ourselves?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm trying to add a virtual gamepad to a Phaser 3 game. I'm following this code: but I'm having a hard time to change it to be Phaser 3 compatible. Is anyone aware of something similar to Phaser 3?
  14. Hi, everyone. For Phaser 2, I found this example on how to add a gradient color: However, I can't find a way to replicate in Phaser 3. Any ideas?