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  1. works now, thx stauzs
  2. hmm in online editor it seems to work. I have my project localy...
  3. Hi there, I have a simple animation with following setup: - a group called "char01test" - a char_body object within this group - a char_glasses object within this group I made a new movie, set the keyframes (to test everything it's scale the char_body to 2 over 30 frames and back to 1 over 60 frames) and if I hit the play-button in my editor it works just fine (just like in the tutorial from mightyfingers). In my code I have: this.character = mt.create("char01test");mt.createTweens(this.character); =;;within my create function but nothing happens. Did I miss something?
  4. aaah nvmd. I had a look at the core and saw, that volume == 0 will stop the sound -.- Hi there, I have three sounds where just one is "active". All three sounds are alike but have different tunes but exact the same timing and the user can switch through them. So when sounds A, B, C are given, all three sounds play on loop on volume 0 parallel. If the user chooses one sound I trigger sound.fadeTo() and set the volume to one. If there is a current sound I trigger sound.fadeTo() on the current sound to volume 0 and the new sound to volume 1. Now the problem: All three sounds start at the same time at volume 0 -> user chooses one sound -> volume 1 -> user chooses another sound -> current sound volume 0 -> new sound volume 1 All with fadeTo() and it works so far... but only once. If a sound was on volume 1 and set to volume 0 with fadeTo it wont fade to volume 1 if the sound was chosen again... Any ideas why this happens?
  5. it's no problem using chrome on linux. runs fine. but on windows it causes these ram problems. I use Opera now for dev on windows and maybe git for my projects to switch easier between win and linux. but the font-forge problem still remains. I can see from the error, that I need to have fontforge in my PATH for executing command-line stuff. But I'm not sure if a "special" font-forge setup is needed for windows. I just googled it and took the first setup I got.
  6. aaaand some other issues. I wanted to give windows another try, so I cloned my instance. When I use Chrome for DEV chrome takes ALL my RAM (and I mean ALL of it! All 16GB!). Another Problem: fontforge, I installed it but when I want to add a font it just says: ERROR: exec fontforge { [Error: Command failed: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /s /c "fontforge -script The command "fontforge" could not be found (<-- hand translated from german, somethink like this in english)
  7. I hate linux and its hidden file security stuff... thx again, dude ^^"
  8. Yeah I did that. If I click on "Source Editor" I can see my written code, browse through the folders and everything - but in the map editor I just have a blank screen. So no assets will show up, no objects are created etc... just a blank screen like a new created project :/
  9. Another question to local dev: How can I move my Map Editor scene? Sure I can export the whole project via export but how to import it so you can continue to develop on the same project on another computer?
  10. my idea is quiet simple: I've got an spritesheet of characters so I get an non antialiased font in my game and want it to "type" (like in pokemon). So my main idea is: I have an font-object with the give spritesheet and every character is within a 9x9 pixel frame. with the give char I'll have something like this: var string = "foo";for(i = 0; i < string.length; i++) { this.char = mt.create('font'); this.char.setFrame(this.getFontFrame(string[i]); setTimeout...blablabla}But that's quiet bad when I want to clear the typed string. It would be better to add each object to a group and later delete all children within this group. I looked at some phaser examples but couldn't get it working in ME :/ someone got a hint for me?
  11. okay, don't know what caused this bug. I deleted my ME folder and cloned a "fresh version" from github again. now everything works fine so far
  12. hate to bother you again... next bug: now when new projects are created the redirect to #p556u eg or even with /0 is just a black scteen. also the files in /projects/ are created but got a filesize of 0 bytes /edit i may go over to write issues in github instead of posting here if this is better for you?
  13. well I found another bug now. If I delete a project in the tab "My Projects" the ME instance crashes: 2015-09-30 15:53:25: { [Error: SQLITE_RANGE: bind or column index out of range] errno: 25, code: 'SQLITE_RANGE' } SERVER SHUTDOWNstack traceError: SQLITE_RANGE: bind or column index out of range
  14. ah, good to know. always thought the android port is a problem with an ME instance running on windows so I gave linux a try (also node server applications cost a lot of RAM on win8 and win10...). maybe if there is an project import function someday I'll just register a premium account on your website to support your great work ^^