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  1. HTTP vs HTTPS. HTTP is insecure in the next cases: passing via a proxy, connecting to a HUB (not a switch) or connecting to a open WIFI. Other that, HTTPS gives nothing. Instead, HTTPS has their own troubles, for example encryption (that it uses machine resources), and cache is not part of the HTTPS specification.
  2. A programmer does program, if the program would be used for evil purpose or not its not our concern. I worked for 2 banks and they are really evil (sulphur included) In this case, we are not parents so its not our responsibility.
  3. Its easy if you can show your work and ask for an opinion.
  4. Sincerely : Flash > HTML 5 and its not the mobile market that is killed Flash but the same Adobe. We, with luck, we can do the same that we used to do with Flash 9 (that is years older) using HTML 5. For example, right now, i can do a flash animation with deformations, while its not possible to do it in HTML5 because there is not a tool to do that. Also, HTML5 projects are open source and its bad. I know that it is possible to decompile FLASH but not at 100%, while with HTML5, i can take the project of other, assets and practically almost everything, change the author and put my name, repack and sells as a new product. Plus the fact that Javascript is way way way inferior to ActionScript. However, its NOT our call, Flash is dead and the inferior product won the war.
  5. You can use Ajax. With JQuery and a couple of lines + a div you can replace your iframe.
  6. Excluding the teacher, i think that the group is fine. Since there is a single coder, then you team should invest in technology, for example not saving in a cheap framework but a good one.
  7. For games is simple : just play old games. For example zx games or nes games.
  8. Hi there: I did the next code to multiply a Quaternion per a Vector3 (Typescript) but im not sure if this function (or some similar) is already defined. function QuaxVector3 (quat:BABYLON.Quaternion,vec:BABYLON.Vector3):BABYLON.Vector3 { var num = quat.x * 2; var num2 = quat.y * 2; var num3 = quat.z * 2; var num4 = quat.x * num; var num5 = quat.y * num2; var num6 = quat.z * num3; var num7 = quat.x * num2; var num8 = quat.x * num3; var num9 = quat.y * num3; var num10 = quat.w * num; var num11 = quat.w * num2; var num12 = quat.w * num3; var result:BABYLON.Vector3=new BABYLON.Vector3(0,0,0); result.x = (1 - (num5 + num6)) * vec.x + (num7 - num12) * vec.y + (num8 + num11) * vec.z; result.y = (num7 + num12) * vec.x + (1 - (num4 + num6)) * vec.y + (num9 - num10) * vec.z; result.z = (num8 - num11) * vec.x + (num9 + num10) * vec.y + (1 - (num4 + num5)) * vec.z; return result;}
  9. Which promotion is that?. I tested one and its only 60 days trial. Btw, i also tested Amazon and it gives me a year trial.
  10. Right now, its not a consolidated market. However, the golden rush of html5 is really near : Google killed Unity3d webplugin and i bet that its a matter of time until it will kill Flash. Killing Flash will create a really BIG golden rush of html5.
  11. Is it for html?. If yes, then create a button: <button src='background-image:...'><span style='text-align:center'>Some text</span></button>
  12. Hi: I offer my services (remote) as a software engineer for design and create web systems for the next technologies: JAVA/J2EE (6.0-8.0) JSF,JSP,Servlet,EJB,Spring MVC,JPA,JTA and such. PHP (5.x) Visual Studio C# 2005-2015 WebForms,MVC,ADO.NET,EF,Websocket, TestUnit. Sql Server 2005-2012r2 Oracle 9i-12c Mysql Server 5.x I am worked as a hired (i was a project in chief) and freelance for a long while, for different companies, from small companies to high end companies (McDonald and Sony just for name the more populars). Currently,i am finishing a freelance project with a customer (a contractor company) and searching to join an interesting project. Commonly, i am a bit expensive but i don't have troubles lowering my price if the project is compelling. I work blazing fast (usually x3 time as fast) yet highly structured and i can work in a team (remote) or solo.
  13. AFAIK, it doesn't compile and its a shame because it worked pretty fine.
  14. Not yet. Its pretty much likely Napoleon in his last days, everybody want his head, including England(Adobe) but its still struggling and dominating a big part of the market.
  15. For the note : Are you sure do you want a project in Java?. If the project exists then, there aren't not much we can do about changing technology. About Java : If somebody say "hey, i know Java!" its moot. Knowing plain java is pretty much useless. What its really needing is to know Java + some specific technology such : Servlet, JSF, JSP , also JPA, JDO, Hibernate, or also Spring, Also EJB, CDI, Struts and Seams.. And those are the more famous ones. So, there are many technologies we can pick to work in Java. Plus, its also depends in the version of Java, its not the same to work with Java < 6.0 and Java > 6.0. And more, the developments also relies in the Application Server (AS) such Tomcat, Jboss, Glassfish, IBM Websphere, Weblogic...) All of them features their own nasty surprises. tl/dr: So, if you have a project running then it will be fine to specific which technology is used. And the same with the database :Mysql, Postgresql, Sql Server, Oracle... All of them does the same but with some tricks here and there (such "paging").