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  1. Guys, I am a web developer for almost 8 years (@Chris). I know JS and i know about rAF and what it does and how it does it, i know about web workers, i know about JS being single threaded, etc. The question was simple. Canvas is a like a "stateful" screen, so to speak. You draw something, and you can forget about it, but it still stays drawn. I want to take an advantage out of this without erasing it on every render frame. And since an update frame can execute more than once for every render frame, the question was simple. I reached the same conclusion as Rich's 2nd post before creating this t
  2. I specified this question is more generic but anyway, JS has web workers. Sure you can say about browser support and stuff, but all the games have some kind of limitations. For example, the only browser that is the problem is IE and I would never support it lower than IE10. But then again, this question is not about this. I know about the dirty rectangle solution but I never said that the sprite SHOULD delete themselves. That was just an idea and I know it's not even close to good. Since almost all the games have backgrounds, there is no need to delete something, you can just draw the (eventua
  3. Hi, I'm new to HTML 5 game dev and maybe the next question is very easy for the experienced but I can't seem to find a good solution, so don't shoot. The question isn't strictly related to HTML 5, it is more like a generic question for every platform. For the sake of simplicity, we are given: one update timer that runs 4 ms in its own thread, one render timer that runs 10 ms in its own thread. Usually, game's loop clears the entire screen before the render operation, but we all know this is not always a solution for games when going javascript and/or mobile. So, there are games (e.g. tetris)
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