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  1. Do any of you specify duration of maintenance in your contracts, or ask to have it included in the contracts you sign?
  2. When signing game contracts, what maintenance(bug fixes, new API implementation, etc) period do you generally agree on? 3 months, 6 months?
  3. I assumed that was the case. Anyway, thank you guys for the feedback.
  4. What if they want to implement their API and hence ask for the source?
  5. When a sponsor buys a non exclusive license to your game, do you send them your game code obfuscated or not? And what time frame do you give a sponsor within which you will fix bugs he finds?
  6. sdw3

    Game file size

    An answer to the image request problem, along with some good information on image compression. Boostermedia to the rescue
  7. sdw3

    Dangerous Dan

    To Anyone out there with an ipad, ipad2, or ipad3: I don't have access to my ipad and wanted to check if the changes i made messed with the game centering. I'm getting weird results on my old ipod Touch. If anyone with an ipad could access the game and tell me if it resizes and centers properly i'd be really grateful. -Shane
  8. sdw3

    Game file size

    Have you seen any correlation between number of plays and load time? I assume there's gonna be a nice balance somewhere between spare content and massive load times that get the most user engagement. And on a similar topic, is there any way to combine a boatload of images into one http request without pushing them all into one image as an atlas of sorts?
  9. sdw3

    Game file size

    Have any of you experimented with how load times affect game views/plays. I'm trying to figure out what total size to aim for in terms of my game assets.
  10. sdw3

    Dangerous Dan

    Perfect! Love responses like this. Straight to the point on things i can fix. The browser specific features are css3 animation events. They seem to fire weirdly on some browsers, and so i skipped over trying to tackle that problem in favor of getting some sort of finished product out. Will look into that now. That's also the reason for the coins and stuff disappearing mid screen. The whole screen as a buttons is a great idea, and one i should have though of earlier..Thank you. Will try to implement this. It should help with another issue of the button seeming to stay triggered even after the person removes their finger from the screen. The instructions should be bigger...and will be bigger. Thank you.
  11. sdw3

    Dangerous Dan

    This is my first HTML5 game. It's a relatively basic game -- being my first foray into HTML5 gaming -- but i think it's pretty nice. In the game you control the main character, guiding him past enemies while collecting a certain percentage of coins each stage to progress. I focused on getting the game to work on the devices i had on hand, and so it works on the iPod touch 3rd gen, the ipad 2nd gen, and a generic android-2.3 4.3inch phone. Extrapolating from there i assume it works on most iOS devices, and most android 2.3 devices within the android browser. I read a few of the articles on photon storm and so didn't really focus much on desktop browsers, just making sure the game played on the browser i use most, chrome (Wondering if this was a mistake? Not the reading of the articles , but the lack of focus on desktop browsers?). Would love any kind of feedback to help improve the game, its monetization, help with ad network, the whole shebang. The game can be played here Thanks.