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  1. This might be a long shot, but I was hoping someone here might have an answer. My game is on steam and I use NWjs as a wrapper. Yesterday I tried remote play and video was transmitted but no audio. I'm using WebAudio and AudioContext sampleRate is set to 44100, so all pretty standard. No idea why my audio does not get picked up by steam remote play...
  2. I've made a web-demo for Devader, would appreciate if you check it out: http://www.devader.space/html/game.html
  3. I somehow forgot about writing here. Was on a bit of a break, but did continue to work on Devader. Quite a lot has happened since. Right now I was researching app notarization for osx when using NWjs but so far I have not found much usable information. But I did stumble on this forum again! One of the prettier gifs: What I was actually working on yesterday. I was testing the game on Brutal difficulty and just could not get past this tangled beast. I ended up changing the visuals to be a bit more pleasing and nerfing him quite drastically. I mean it's not even a final boss and I
  4. I'm not using babylon, it's absolutely a chrome issue. I don't have a system to test the issue on either. What do these bad values look like? Maybe there is a recognizable pattern (I'm sure you've checked though). @erichlof: can you maybe link me to the bug report you filed? It's a pretty big issue for me too.
  5. I have had some user reports sounding very similar to what you are describing... also Windows 10.
  6. marcgfx

    Audio Debugging

    hey alex, thanks for your input . I am using ogg and I don't think the issue is caused by looping. It's mostly weird as it is not consistent popping and seems to randomly occur It could be too many loud sounds, or maybe low frequency removal could help. My sound knowledge is pretty limited, I guess a high pass filter would be the way to go?
  7. marcgfx

    Audio Debugging

    I am having a hard time getting my webaudio sound good. I am dealing with some cracking/popping and don't know what is the cause. I have a lot of sounds going off at the same time. I've tried dynamic range compression node, but this does not help. I've also reduced overall sound volume, but still it sounds weird. On some systems it even goes into a state where sound stops playing entirely for a short while. I was thinking it would be great if I could visualize the waveform in some way, but so far have not found anything. How do you deal with audio issues?
  8. cool game, I've actually played more than I intended. I think the Ion Cannon is waaay to strong when it levels up, but maybe its just a way to make the winning team win faster? Maybe it should not attack air, that would make it more difficult to use. I did actually just win a game where they had two of them (not leveled up very high though), so there does seem to be a risk involved. edit: one other thing, it seems kind of terrible that you lose all your levels on a vehicle when you die. maybe allow the player to chose the same vehicle, but halve the level he had or something. In late ga
  9. pretty good game, quite addictive. It crashed on me in wave 20, one of the (laser) enemies was blinking endlessly and could not be shot.
  10. Cool project Entian I'm in similar shoes, but I didnt dare create a 3D engine like you did. Impressive! Just gave it a go. What I noticed was that I would really like a higher rate of fire and I found it quite confusing that I have to select a target to be able to shoot it. It would be nice if it didnt try to lock onto a target that is not even visible, allowing me to shoot straight in that case.
  11. I created a shader to create some kind of storm effect. Here you can see it in action. I've also done a lot of work on performance, but there is likely a lot more to be done. It's a never ending story really. Biggest improvement was realizing that painting a few thousand scorch-marks every frame was a bad idea. I now paint them once into a framebuffer and then just paint the framebuffer to canvas. A lot less taxing for the GPU. My current biggest issue is this: I am wondering how to market Devader and have no real clue. I was considering maybe adding a demo on google play and referring
  12. I just came back from Gamescom in Cologne on Saturday. First time I've ever been an exhibitor and I was a little nervous to start with. I did not know what to expect. The first day was really hard on me, instead of sitting in silence for 10 hours, I was standing for 10 while talking. But it was a good start and I met and talked to a lot of interesting people. Not everything went well. First off I was presenting on an iMac from 2011 with similar GPU power to my MacBook. So I ended up presenting on the lowest settings I had available. I also had to hack in some code to reduce the amount of
  13. The multi-screen is the problem. I already start the game in full-screen with nw.js but I can still click outside the window. I guess pointer lock api is the solution, thanks guys!
  14. I am using NW.js for my game Devader (http://falkenbrew.com) and if the mouse leaves the window/application it's possible for the player to lose focus on the game, what can be very annoying. I can't come up with a solution. I need the cursor to be shown, but I don't want the cursor to exit the screen. A possible solution might be to use pointer lock (http://www.smartjava.org/content/html5-use-pointer-lock-api-restrict-mouse-movement-element) but it will be awkward to handle and it won't be possible to use the GUI I have so far. So ... maybe I could hack it in, but I really don't like t
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