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  1. Hi colouredFunk, Can you be more precise about your problem ? Is there any error in the console ? Have you tried on Firefox/Chrome ?
  2. Hi lilsheep, Did your code work before resizing? If not, I think doing something like : function Background() { var texture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage("cobblestone_ground.png"); this.sprite =, texture, 4000 + Math.abs(768/2), 16); //the other lines ...};and background = new Background();MAIN.stage.addChild(background.sprite)would work because you tried adding to the stage an object which cant be rendered => It should be a DisplayObject (I dont know much about TilingSprite and pixi v3 in general but it extends Sprite(and DisplayObject)). I hope that will help
  3. Hi Javier, I will try to answer your questions It's a multiplayer 2d game with a client-server architecture.For the 2D part, I think you can use PIXI or Phaser, I know there are plenty other 2D Html5 frameworks but I dont know how they work and what they're capable of. Personally, I would use Pixi, because the API is really easy to learn and building something on top of it is easy too. For the client-server architecture, you can make a NodeJS server and use the module (, so you can easily use WebSockets to connect the players through the server. The game needs physics, it looks a bit as an air-hockey game, with every player controlling his own puckPhaser has a few different physics systems (in your case, I would consider using Arcade Physics). Besides, as you said, you know how games work and a lot of what happens in games is faked so you could use Pixi and code only what you need. I want that the registered users on the web, also are registered on the game,so I can store the reports of their games... A mix we could say(Sorry for the bad explanation here).What I understand here is you want the game to save some datas and you want people to have access to these datas on the web. (For exemple : EA's Battlelog, League of Legends reports ...) ​With NodeJS, I think you can use Mongoose(a node module to use MongoDB) to achieve this. Good luck !
  4. You're right xerver, I edited the code above, thanks
  5. Hi matandk, I don't know if it's different with Pixi V3 but with V2 it works like that : All DisplayObjects have a 'filters' property which is an array of filters. To add a filter to your specific DisplayObject, you can : - create a filter (a BlurFilter in your case) - set its properties as you wish - add it to the filters Array var myFilter = new BlurFilter();myFilter.blur = 5;myDisplayObject.filters = [myFilter]; // myDisplayObject.filters.push() won't work.Links to doc :
  6. Hi, I think you should change the pivot position of your rotating object so that the pivot and the center of your circle will be the same point and then, rotate this object (the line on your picture). You can use : yourDisplayObject.pivot.set(yourX, yourY);(Doc : ) to set the pivot coordinates. Lauro.