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  1. Thank youu @fariazz!! I was trying to collide() instead of overlap()
  2. I'm moving the character through tween, because I want to move it tile by tile. But with so I am unable to do collide with coins. I would like to make when it passes on a tile that has coin, the coin is caught (coin.kill(); addScore().
  3. I think this way is not interesting for the character walk down and exit the screen it should appear above. I thought about using DOM. But was unable to scale to the TileMap suit the screen size. I created a DIV and put the game inside (new Phaser.Game). But he leaves out of the div instead of adjusting the size of it.
  4. I'm developing a game with the Phaser will be for mobile and tablets. In the black border area have a TileMap and a sprite. The sprite is the character that moves within the TileMap by tween move. He's walk tile by tile. The TileMap size varies according to the level, with the maximum 10x16. In red border area has buttons which control the character to walk. The problem is that when I walk with the character down, it leaves the TileMap and go to buttons. What do you suggest me for a game like this?
  5. Thank you for your answer. I'll try manual checks.
  6. Thank you woubuc! I was able to do with your code.Thank you for sharing with me! @Edit:But this way it moves even a collision. Right?
  7. I have a TileMap I created in tiled. (32x32)I tried to make the phaser when pressed to the arrow keys a character (sprite) walked to the next tile. But if I do sprite.x + 32, for example, it moves very fast.Wanted him to walk in tile by tile. Example: if (cursors.left.isDown) { // Move to left tile. }