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  1. Hi You need to head over to the new forum This one is retained for reference purposes only.
  2. Hi @WhoAteDaCake well done for finding the answer. Please note that for future questions I suggest you join the new forum. As more and more people have already changed you might find that getting an answer on this one takes longer and longer☺
  3. JohnK

    New forum

    A vote to leave or remain causes a flashback to the Brexit referendum here in the UK. As I trust Deltakosh and Jerome more than any government leaders I am persuaded by their reasoning so I will 🍃.
  4. Hi @cstfan and welcome to the forum from me. Have a look at this and see if it helps. Also instead of loading /unloading you could do as in this post
  5. ScollViewer now enhanced by DK. Docs updated.
  6. Hi @gamedev44 and welcome to the forum. Have you seen this in the docs? hi
  7. Nor do I ! Well done to @Deltakosh for doing what was wanted but other than two different colors where would you use it?
  8. Sorry I still do not understand need to wait until someone more skilled or experienced comes along.
  9. In this PG there are two different scenes in two different viewports. If you need to share some meshes with different properties in each scene there is still plenty of work to do. Not entirely clear about your use case. Multi-scenes documentation
  10. Unfortunately is now closed. Existing RawGit links will remain until October 2019. Need to find easy to use alternatives.
  11. Have found where the changes are necessary and have done a PR for the docs. PG now example of a spray emitter Built in shape emitters
  12. Apparently a createCylinderEmitter - - has since been added to BJS itself so none of the added code is needed So really we need a new example to show how to create your own emitter.
  13. JohnK


    Back up and running again. Hope everything legit this time!
  14. Sorry don't know the reason why. Just following @Deltakosh's advice
  15. 1. (a) Because there is a black ceiling (black because (i) no material applied to ceiling, (ii) light does not reach ceiling) Ceiling constructed on line 848 in this PG#9 and PG#21 but 849 in this PG with added color and light 1. (b) If you remove the ceiling (comment out line 848) then you can see the inner roof provided you set its backFaceCulling to false as in 2? Floor already there? 3. as Sebavan says it is down to the uv setup which currently uses a texture map of two images for the exterior walls and interior walls see line (816 or 817) and uv values calculated so that the textures appear at the same scale on each wall. By using more images in the texture map it would be possible to apply different areas of the image to different walls. An alternative would be to build the interior walls as separate and individual polygon meshes kept together by a mutual parent and each with its own material. You could do something similar with the exterior walls and then you could have different textures on different exterior walls. More on uvs at