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  1. Hi. Your boilerplate has inspired me to have a go at a multiplayer game. My experience so far is only with static sites.  I have forked the boilerplate repo and cloned it locally. Having made some changes to reflect the name of my game I pushed it to my github here https://github.com/dragonmaths/nine-clone-morris

    Following the instructions here https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/getting-started-with-nodejs#introduction

    I have successfully got to the stage of creating the app but on trying to push it I got a load of error messages after this point.

    remote:        sh: 1: tsc: not found

    Prior to all this I had tried cloning the boilerplate and using the deploy button but the deployment never finished. I also tried the steps on the the original clone and got the same error message.

    When and if you get the time perhaps you could give me a suggestion where I'm going wrong.

    My node is 3.9.2 and npm 3.10.9.

    Should you need any further information please let me know.

    Thanks in advance


    1. endel


      Hi John, that's great :)

      Brian had the same issue recently: https://github.com/endel/babylonjs-multiplayer-boilerplate/issues/1

      You can also set the "NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION" environment variable to "false" through Heroku's administration panel.

      Don't hesitate to open issues on GitHub if you have any issues.

      Good luck in your game! :)


    2. JohnK


      Thanks for the information, next time I have a problem I will check the issues first. Soory not to get back to you sooner but when I set the

      "NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION" environment variable to "false"  I came up with a timeout problem (I am dragonmaths) and didn't want to reply and say all is well and neither did I want to mention the problem here as I had found out about using issues on github and so wanted to use that.

      Anyway all my issues so far you have resolved and I appreciate both the boilerplate you have contributed and the help you have given to me and others .

      I expect I will come across new problems as I further learn about multi-user sites and heroku.

      Once again thank you for your help

    3. endel


      You're welcome! <3 Good luck with your game! Don't hesitate if you need help regarding multiplayer. I'm currently working on some updates for Colyseus. I hope to release them by the end of December. Cheers!

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