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    JohnK got a reaction from Nabroski in Hello i search your documentation on Babylonjs since half an hour. Thanks.   
    Glad you found it. Sorry it you took a while to do so. There is a link at the bottom of the official documentation.
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    JohnK got a reaction from endel in Hi. Your boilerplate has inspired me to have a go at a multiplayer game. My experienc   
    Thanks for the information, next time I have a problem I will check the issues first. Soory not to get back to you sooner but when I set the
    "NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION" environment variable to "false"  I came up with a timeout problem (I am dragonmaths) and didn't want to reply and say all is well and neither did I want to mention the problem here as I had found out about using issues on github and so wanted to use that.
    Anyway all my issues so far you have resolved and I appreciate both the boilerplate you have contributed and the help you have given to me and others .
    I expect I will come across new problems as I further learn about multi-user sites and heroku.
    Once again thank you for your help