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  1. I wanted to make the stage fill the browser window, it to have no elements added, and for it to be clickable. I was having trouble doing so, so to hack a way to do it I implemented this and the stage was then clickable. this.bgCover = new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('img/bgCover.png'); this.bgCover.interactive = true; this.bgCover.anchor.set(0.5,0.5); this.bgCover.x = this.width/2; this.bgCover.y = this.height/2; this.bgCover.width = this.width; this.bgCover.height = this.height; this.stage.addChild(this.bgCover);bgCover is a 1px,1px transparent png. I am sure there is a way to do this without my hack. Can anyone enlighten me? Cheers, Jon
  2. Hi and this is my first JavaScript game / use of the canvas. I've tried to code it in Pseudo classical pattern to maximize code reuse and make it run as well as possible. I am sure I have made some mistakes throughout but am happy with the result and have learnt so much. I'm very grateful of PIXI and am starting to love it, already begun my next project! http://www.d-juice.co.uk/websites/dumb_and_dumber_to/ - I built this with assets from work and everything on the link is copyrighted to Universal Studios. Thanks
  3. Ahh, okay, I used the bitmap font generator you advised in the documentation. *EDIT* In BM Font under export options, the font descriptor was set as text I have changed this to XML and loaded the png's and xml files and now is Thanks Jon
  4. http://www.feref.com/jonTest/dumb_remake/ Thanks, and this is not a commercial project. I am using assets from my company to rebuild it for my own educational use! The film has already been released Cheers! Jon
  5. code snippets is helpful to allow other people to help you.. I have used a mousemove event listener on a sprite like this.. mySprite('mousemove', mouseMoveCallback);function mouseMoveCallback(mouseData) { console.log("X = "+mouseData.data.originalEvent.movementX); console.log("Y = "+mouseData.data.originalEvent.movementY);}This is correct syntax for V3 and will log your mouse position in the console. You still create a 'stage' of sorts with the code.. //you can therefore use the listener on the stage variablevar stage = new PIXI.Container(0xFFFFFF);I have yet to discover the necessity of the Interaction Manager class as my app is interactive without instantiating it. Hope this helps!
  6. I'm having the exact same issue. I have fnt & tga files and am loading the files with the asset loader //removed other assets for simplicitythis.allAssets = ['fonts/indieflower.fnt', 'fonts/itckabel.fnt', 'fonts/indieflower.tga', 'fonts/itckabel.tga'];I am trying to create the text with this code .. this.finalScore = new PIXI.extras.BitmapText("testing", {font: 'bold itcKabel', align: 'center', fill: '#aa2821'});and am getting the same error as jaevelgames. I'd really appreciate some assistance, cheers xerver! Nearly finished my first canvas, javascript app/game. Looking forward to sharing.
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    Event's V3

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    Event's V3

    Hi, I'm struggling with removing an event in my drag & drop code.. that.pants.once('mousedown', function(mouseData) { that.pants.on('mousemove', function(mouseData) { that.pants.position.x += mouseData.data.originalEvent.movementX; that.pants.position.y += mouseData.data.originalEvent.movementY; that.pants.once('mouseup', function(mouseData) { console.log("how do I remove mouse move event?!") }); }); });I have tried using callbacks but to no success.. If someone knows what would the syntax look like for the prototypal pseudo-classical pattern I am using. Thank you!
  9. Oh man! Thanks for this info!! It doesn't help that the link under 'Docs' takes you to the V2 documentation!! Can someone change that? Where do I find the link to the PIXI documentation from the main page?
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    v3 loader

    Thanks for clarifying this for me. I had seen the syntax PIXI.loader.once('complete', onLoadedCallback);&PIXI.loader.once('progress', onProgressCallback);Which didn't work for the progress callback. I tried looking for it again so you could rectify it but can't see it anywhere! Cheers, Jon
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    v3 loader

    I have just attempted to switch to v3 and I am lost in the understanding of the loader. I cannot log the progress of each asset though these are loading.. Can someone share with me the new API to make the loader work? Thanks, Jon