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  1. Hello, I'm trying to find out what would be the best worflow to get artists animations on a page with very basic interaction (gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay are likely to be more enough). I used AnimateCC + CreateJS years ago for this purpose, and it seems to me pixi-animate has seen a bit more updates since then, but I still couldn't find any samples of it being used. Are there any other artist oriented workflows I'm not aware of? I was a flash developer before and I know that pretty much any animator dominates Flash/Animate, but I was wondering if I missed something recently, or if there are better plugins to playback AnimateCC content with Pixi or other engine. Also, if you have any references of work done with pixi-animate please share!
  2. Thanks for your time! Asking this on pixi-filters github page. Thanks again.
  3. I have this small lab project that I've been managing to work locally without using a bundler. My index.html is importing pixi from CDN but the type definitions are coming from node_modules (I added "pixi.js" to "types" in my tsconfig, so I get static typing). It was all looking good till I tried adding pixi-filters into the equation. I'm also adding it to my html through CDN and installing it via NPM, and added "pixi-filters" to my tsconfig. It seems to work in part, but for some reason the types do not match the code. For example in the type definition for "AdvancedBloomFilter" has no namespace, but in the actual code it is PIXI.filters.AdvancedBloomFilter 😮. Is it possible to get a working setup without having to use a bundler? Thanks in advance.
  4. I've been making tests and I still couldn't reproduce the issue outside of ReadiumJS (yes, it's a game inside an ebook !). That might be the SDK's scrolling implementation messing up with Safari. It works like a charm if it's in the top of the page (initially visible area), but if I need to scroll to see the content, it keeps throttled indefinitely as if Safari never takes into account that it's now on screen.
  5. The thing is, it's still throttled even after scrolling down and getting in view. The only way to "fix" it is by having the content on screen the moment the page is loaded. And that's something I could only reproduce in Safari. If the content is on screen the moment the page is loaded it works fine in Safari, otherwise it's stays throttled indefinitely.
  6. Hello, I'm having performance issues, exclusive to Safari (desktop/iOS) whenever the game is outside of initial viewport (i.e., if the user has to scroll the page). If I move the game to the top, it works like a charm! Anyone has had the same issue before? Apparently requestAnimationFrame calls have huge delays when content aren't initially visible (at the top of the page). Thanks for your time.
  7. Anyone using Visual Studio Code? I wonder what are the advantages of using VS Community over VS Code when doing only JavaScript/TypeScript.
  8. I have a game where the game world is way bigger than the screen size, so that I can scroll the camera. It works fine except when adding the fullscreen functionality: Upon leaving fullscreen mode it seems that Phaser forces a resize on the game world making it match the screen size. I tracked it to this function: ScaleManager.prepScreenMode() -> line 1909: // Always reset to game size this.updateDimensions(this._gameSize.width, this._gameSize.height, true); Is it supposed to behave like this? Thanks for your time,
  9. Hello, We just bought the box2d plugin in order to use the physics engine in our Typescript project. However I couldn't find any definition files... How are we supposed to use this plugin in a Typescript project? Thanks,