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  1. youtube promo video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgzwSGrH-NU
  2. Hi, this is my new game made in phaser, ezGUI and cocoon.io : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fat_unicorn.dfca have fun!
  3. Hi, I'm using new cocoon.io cloud compiler and atomic plugin to show ads. console.log('ads 1'); var interstitial = Cocoon.Ad.createInterstitial(); console.log('ads 2'); //load interstitial interstitial.load();console.log('ads 3'); //show interstitial interstitial.show();console.log('ads 4'); and game just hang, console show: > ads 1 > ads 2 > requestanimationframe cannot call method "on" of undefined . I'm using canvas+. When I try to use webview+ or webview i just get solid black screen and can't even get to the console. help. please.
  4. and it's possible becouse first you destroy asteroid in this line: game.physics.arcade.overlap(shoots, asteroides, this.shootPlanete,null,this); and than You check collision with asteroids : game.physics.arcade.overlap(player, asteroides, this.shootPlayer,null,this); but for some reason phaser is looking for bodies that are no longer there.
  5. just try to replace it and You will see is this is the reason You are getting this error. But for what I see there it's a phaser function that check collisions. all you have to do it's to replace destroy() line. for loop will do the rest for all of your sprites.
  6. probably you destroy sprite and than phaser is trying to check collisions with it. You can try to destroy it in next update. for example like that. //instead of somesprite.destroy(); somesprite.destroy_in_next_tick= true; and in the very begining of update: for(var x=0; x<game.world.children.length; x++) if(game.world.children[x].destroy_in_next_tick) game.world.children[x].destroy(true);
  7. if game.paused is true there will be no update call
  8. If You use overlap instead of collide like in Your last example it will go thru, use collide ;] as DdR said, show code where You create player
  9. hi, in my init I have this.stage.disableVisibilityChange = false; when I check my game in chrome and window lost focus game is paused and also is sounds (end music in background) but when I create android apk (doesn't matter if it's just cordova, corsswalk or cocoon) and game is on background it's seems to be paused but background music is still playing. how I can prevent this ?Can I detect this pause/unpause event from disableVisibilityChange ??
  10. Hi, I'm making this game for about month now, It's my 3rd game in phaser. Basically its about jumping in dungeon and killing monsters with bow and arrows. If any of You guys want to test it, and give some feedback please join https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dark-forrest-castle-assault-game-dev-beta it's necessary, because it's only way I can give You access to alpha on google play. looks like this:
  11. i think I might have an idea what is going on. my character name adcher have .update method and joystick also have update method collision is dispatched on archer update and joystick uptate is always first. I't dont matter if I declare archer oj joystick first in my main function. Maby...just maby if I could change order of updates, to archer update first than joystick, it will work. but I have no idea how to do that. how phaser decides which update goes first?
  12. hi, my sprite is standing on tile floor but i can't jump ( body.velocity.y=-600 ) , when I jump on air it's work perfect. also i'm using joystick from this tutorial https://medium.com/@netcell/a-virtual-joystick-for-phaser-f59a7a38a642 there is onMove signal : this.events.onMove = new Phaser.Signal(); ... and in update this.events.onMove.dispatch(direction, distance, angle); when I enter in console archer.body.blocked.down or archer.body.onFloor() it's returning true, but when I console.log it on onMove event it's always false... please help
  13. This is great! Thank You very much I will definitely tell You when it's finished .