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  1. I am translating Kineticjs code to pixijs code for some userinterface controls that need to work on touch screens. See pixi demo: http://planetinaction.com/instrumentdemos/dialknob.htm The demo works fine on Windows desktop browsers and any browser zoom setting. However, for touch screen devices, the app stops responding to touch events when I pinch zoom in a lot. It is as if pixijs breaks the browser because pinch zoom stops working too. Testing on my Galaxy S5 phone (Chrome and the Samsung browser) Can anyone reproduce this and shed any light on what is going on here? I am using Pixi 3.0.5
  2. As a newbie on Pixi, I struggle with the documentation too. I am trying to convert my KineticJS code to Pixi Documentation that is actually readable and seems complete on http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/docs/classes/Sprite.html is for version 2 The documentation about the sprite found here http://pixijs.github.io/docs/PIXI.Sprite.html#toc1 Should I use version 2? After all, all the examples found online seem to be based on version 2.