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  1. Hi, I have that kind of code : this.add.text(0, 0, 'text', { font: '36px Arial', fill: '#FFFFFF' }); I would like to know how to have fonts fallbacks like in css: font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; It seems to be possible with the font property : But I haven't seen an example of multiple CSS font families. If anyone know how to do, could you show me an example of code ?
  2. Hi, I'm on a new idea of a game, and I would like to know if it is technically possible to separate the screen with 2 separate worlds, 2 tilemaps and 2 players ? I have not seen an example where a "world" is loaded on a particular area of the screen (the space left could be used for anything else)
  3. are you in fullscreen mode ? if yes, you have to set scale mode for fullscreen too : this.scale.fullScreenScaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL;
  4. I was on the far right side of the screen
  5. really great !!! I liked the boss, it s a perfect first level, not too hard. The only thing is the game stopped when I was stuck by water.
  6. Thanks, I didn't mean to use gulp to push the files, but use gulp to create a folder with all files needed to be pushed. the boilerplate you put in example give me an answer : - create "src" folder for js sources - create "static" (I have often seen "public") for html + css - gulp make all the operations : create build directory, copy static directory into it and concatenate / uglify js to build directory I will work on my personal Phaser project boilerplate to have a similar structure.
  7. Ho ok thanks sorry my english is quite bad I didn t understood well ^^'
  8. Thanks for your comments ! @Neoprofessor I will try to increase difficulty, for now the game is going faster but perhaps too slowly
  9. thanks for the article, very interesting ! I think you are talking about the coins sprite ? I will try to make them more consistent with the over sprites
  10. thanks a lot ! artwork is from my brother
  11. Hi, I discovered gulp some weeks ago, I currently use it for concatenate my js files, and minify / uglify the results in a game.min.js. But when come the time to push my files on an ftp server, I think that gulp could be used in a more powerful way, for example copying all files needed in a "build" directory, that could be directly pushed on the server. If someones use a tasks manager tool like gulp, could you explain the way you use it, and the best practices ?
  12. Hi, There is my last game, which is an endless runner based on the same hero than a game a made with my brother for a game jam last summer : http://wolfeex.itch.io/martian-escape The game is simple, you can jump and you have to avoid obstacles and get the coins ! You can play it here : http://www.wolfeex.com/MartianRunner/
  13. in your code you call passedObstacle for each of your obstacles, but in the function you get only the first alive. so if you have 20 obstacles, in passedObstacle you test 20 times the first alive. you can test each obstacle by parameter in the callback function like this: passedObstacle: function(obstacle){ /* not necessary var obstacle = obstacles.getFirstAlive(); */ if (obstacle.x < player.x) { obstacle.kill(); // with or without - same thing pass += 1; passText.text = 'pass: ' + pass; } },
  14. Lol I didn't see that there was 'LEMON' and 'MELON', in french the word for lemon is quite different. Thanks for the feedback, I keep the idea for the multiplayer if one day I do some node
  15. Thanks for the feedback , I tried what you say but it's working on my browser, I will make more tests at home tonight
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