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  1. So I've noticed that there has been quite a few anger posts about X company(ies), in my years of mostly just observing here. With things like cutting games out of the front page/search a hundred dollars from the cash out thresholds, going to less and less lucrative ads on purpose to keep you from cash out thresholds, using "self owned" ad companies to double dip on ad revenue on their side, blatantly lying about views/usage when the developer has their own server logs, strongly featuring clones over originals (even while having some IP from the original in it), and similar. So I'
  2. this comes up pretty often http://www.html5gamedevs.com/search/?q= GameDistribution
  3. Heavily modified ImpactJS. To allow them to have multiple levels being the biggest feature, and probably some things for their AI. They have a few blog articles that talk about their tech.
  4. There's a point of investment for an HTML5 game where you say screw it and just go to a market front like Steam. For instance https://store.steampowered.com/app/368340/CrossCode/ Has reached Steam's monthly top sellers a couple of times. And there are quite a few other games on Steam that are actually HTML5 but don't bother to tell anyone. ____________ Which kind of leaves web portals with games that have much lower investment levels, attempts at gimicks, and similar. Basically it's hard to stay relevant, when it's hard to get games that are competitive/relevant.
  5. So many red "blippy" things, and "roll over" things.
  6. CrossCode has a demo out that's web based. Curious expedition as well.
  7. Cross Code hit Steam's top sellers page briefly a few times. You can track this down by their kickstarter campaign, when Steam Spy worked, and the boxleiter method. Other games like Titan Souls on have started as an HTML5 game in a "One Shot" game jam. Not sure if still HTML5. Going smaller there's The Next Penelope, isotrode, and The Curious Expetition. There's also a nice mix mash of games that I've heard are HTML5 on steam. Though I'm not going to rip them apart to verify and/or haven't heard their devs say anything in developer circles. Outside of steam the develo
  8. While it satisfies your OP, but these do less for your "Looking for people to license from". Though the developers here will probably love seeing these. https://www.radicalfishgames.com/ (Their game cross code has hit the Steam top sellers list, and They're over a few hundred thousand in unit sales) http://maschinen-mensch.com/
  9. @mattstyles I think my original intention would have been better stated like this: In any programming paradigm that you follow, as long as you follow it well you'll be able to get work done easily. But you'll have to break out of your paradigm at some point to eventually interact with other software and that is where it will get messy and frustrating. (Annoyingly enough my original post did need some bashing though, though I hope my post didn't praise OOP though). The game I showed also did a good job of all the bad that will happen when you badly try to mix different programmin
  10. There is no such thing as truly functional programming that actually does something. At some point you're going to need to take in some form of a messy state, then at another point you're going to need output some form of a messy state. Whether it's in and out from a database, in from the previous step and out to the next step, or similar. Even taking input from the keyboard is a very stateful action in the sense that over many many cycles of whatever type of process/threading/event manager where you're remember the state and where previous state affects the current state. That isn
  11. There are some companies that won't want to talk to you, There are others that will use it as an advantage for themselves(lower pay, or legal leverage), and there are quite a few that just don't care. The companies you're dealing with aren't in the business of dealing with businesses, they're in the business of selling games at the lowest margin possible.
  12. You contact them. Normal business rules apply for writing letters and sales pitches. If you have no idea at all, or want some reviews of a good amount of companies True Valhalla's book works. After a certain number of posts(unclear supposedly 10 posts, but I got access sooner), a Sponsors and Portals forum opens up. A few larger portals have ways to automatically add your games for a percentage of ad revenue, though this will almost always end up in underselling yourself by a long shot.
  13. Start here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Games/Tutorials/2D_Breakout_game_pure_JavaScript and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgK4YaMqQFg and here https://www.google.com/ This is also a horrible way to go about asking that question. It's like asking an artist "How do I art?". The answer for such a question is going to be draw lines on a piece of paper.
  14. The above is very apt. I've seen some of my old code where I had horrible math skills, compared to some of my new code there is a world of difference(where I'm still bad, but less horrible). The difference was measured in pages, 20-30 pages compared to 12 for a missile command game(both were in Java and the 12 page one had a few more features like a menu screen. They were coded about a decade apart just as an FYI). Math will open some nice doors to short cuts/efficiency/sanity but it won't necessarily keep you from getting the job done.
  15. http://venturebeat.com/2015/04/30/it-costs-more-than-3-to-acquire-a-mobile-user-now-fiksu-finds/ http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/average-cost-per-install-apps/ If you're looking to get on a portal/have a sponsor, you don't need to care about the most expensive part of a game(marketing to users). You just need to focus on making a good game, that looks good in your elevator pitch to a sponser. You'll get paid by focusing on a few dozen points of contact, rather than the scary world of marketing to random people who are trying to ignore you. Users almost never pay any
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