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  1. Just a quick post to announce that the game is now available on ArmorGames at If you want to actually try the game against players from around the world, now is the time!
  2. Thanks for the feedback (though I wasn't aware there were that many multiplayer web games these days) I do like AZERTY keyboards, but the game doesn't use any of these keys. Maybe if I let the user define their own key bindings that could address the issues you're having? The platform part is a good idea, in general I want to add some depth to the game while keeping simple controls (I don't think I'll ever add mouse controls, but that may change depending on feedback). And I've made a lot of other games, some mediocre ones are at, but my biggest game project to date is Glitchbuster
  3. Play Link: SuperBrawl is a project that I've been working on during my spare time for quite a while. It is a real-time online multiplayer brawler based on Glitchbuster (even though the code base has evolved quite a bit to allow for multiplayer). There are currently two game modes included: Deathmatch: win the round by shooting anything that moves. 20 points for every hit, and 100 points for every frag. King of the Hill: points are only awarded to whoever is wearing the crown. You need to find the crown and keep it on your head. But be careful, all the other players will focus on stealing it from you. At the end of a round, a player will win and the best action of will be played. Of course, the game features several weapons that will help you dominate your opponents: The shotgun is your default weapon. It deals very little damage and requires accuracy. It can however be useful when your opponent is low on health The plasma gun fires plasma bullets straight at a high rate. It can be used to spray and prevent an enemy from moving The grenade launcher fires grenades that explode as soon as they come in contact with another player The machine gun fires three bullet bursts, allowing for quick sprays The rocket launcher obviously fires rockets that deal a lot of damage when used wisely The flamethrower is useful for setting things on fire for a few seconds. It is a great defensive weapon A shield is also available for pickup, allowing you to take 3 additional hits. You can play the game at (the server is hosted in America, so if you're located in Europe, you may experience a bit of lag) If the server is empty, you can add/remove bots from the pause menu (press ESC) Any feedback is welcome. The game is still a work in progress that I really enjoy developing, so I'm always happy to include more weapons, tweak the difficulty, improve the bots AI, add game modes, add more public servers, fix bugs... anything! You can find gameplay videos on my Twitter feed here, here , here or here (I'm not sure how to include videos in a post, so these will have to do for now) Now on the technical side, there are also quite a few things that are pretty cool: Public brawl: the brawl is always running on the central server, meaning you can join it and invite your friends, or wait for anyone to join, or even add bots while waiting Self-hosted WebRTC game rooms: if the central server is too laggy for you, you can always host a game on your laptop and let people join (assuming they can establish a WebRTC session with you) Bots: no friends to play with? Just add a few bots to any game room! The AI is smart enough to make informed decisions (attack a player with less health or a bad weapon, retreat and get health or a shield, pick up a weapon before attacking, focus on the crown...) Death cams: when you get fragged by another player, the action will be replayed to you can see how things went wrong (press ENTER to skip) Ingame chat: if you feel like bragging about your latest frag, press Y and type a message for the chat Procedurally-generated maps: every time a round starts, a new map is generated by the server, so you can't just learn a map by heart Ingame video chat: turned off by default, if two players have the setting turned on, their webcam will be Mobile friendly: the game has mobile-specific controls, so if your phone can handle HTML5, you should be able to join the brawl The game relies on for client-to-server communication, unless you're hosting a game room over WebRTC, in which case is only used for signaling. Other libraries I'm using are browserify, Howler.js, PIXI.js, Mustache.js, chance.js and probably many others that I've forgottten I also intend on writing a series of articles about the things I've learnt while developing this game. Topics should include architecture, networking, synchronization, WebRTC, AI. Let me know if you think you'd be interested in such articles.
  4. Wow so I just realized I completely forgot to give an update to this topic. Anyway, I've been posting a few updates through Twitter and IndieDB at, so check it out if you want to see the latest glitches in the game. Obviously, I wasn't able to finish the game for September like I planned, but I am now aiming for the second half of November. I am now just polishing things, collecting feedback, and fixing the little things that make a game enjoyable. If you're interested in trying the game, I would love to hear your feedback on the demo that I put up at The demo only features 2 levels, but that should give you a clear idea of what the game is going to be like. I'd recommend opening it on Chrome, since Firefox might be a little slower on some machines. Also give it a minute to load since there are a lot of sounds, and when the game is released it will be directly on the players' hard drive, so loading will be a lot faster.
  5. remvst

    js13kGames 2017

    Hoping that inspiration will hit once you reveal the theme so I can participate for the 5th time
  6. Hey everyone. Turns out the game was greenlit just before Valve shut the system down, so Glitchbuster will be on Steam! Anyway, I thought I'd give some development updates, so here it is: Steam Store Page Getting a page on the Steam Store is a lot of work. But here it is, Glitchbuster has its own page on Steam. Deciding about the price took a lot of thought. While I want to set a fair price for the year of work behind the game and aim for make a game that is worth a decent amount of money, I don't want players to think that it is overpriced. My goal is not to earn a lot of money, so I can afford setting a low price. I would rather not make a lot of money and have more players, as well as not disappointing them. Anyway, the price I have decided is $5. Hopefully players will think it's fair. New main menu style The old menu was pretty basic, and I was never too happy with it. This is the new version: Dark World Glitch Being able to add glitches in the game feels much better than fixing them. So here is one that I added just yesterday: For those interested in how it works, I simply cast a few rays around the player. If a ray hits an obstacle, then the player should not be able to see further. I can then draw a shape based on all these rays to hide the world. Below is a short video showing the raycasting in action. Large Powers/Glitches Refactor For a while, powers and glitches were a little too separate, which made it tedious to add glitches that have the same features as powers. An afternoon of refactoring made it much easier to add new glitches that give powers to enemies. Here is a quick video of what it looks like when enemies have flamethrowers, jetpacks, and can teleport: This also showcases how different sets of glitches make every level unique. Beating one level is very different from beating another, because of its structure and the way glitches affect the gameplay, which makes it crucial to pick the right power for the right level. Public Trello Board Since the game's core features are pretty much done, I am now pretty much just polishing it, tweaking gameplay features, but also cutting everything that I consider unfit for the final game. In order to keep track of everything I need to do, I have decided to create a Trello board that you can find here. Miscellanous Getting native builds ready for Windows, Mac and Linux Changing resolution from a 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9 Sound updates, additions, tweaks Integrating Steamworks SDK Weapon refactor so that glitches can integrate those more easily Tweaked weapon tutorials Up Next Getting a demo ready to release on Steam Getting testers feedback Making a final level/boss Adding achievements Adding a speedrun mode ... and many tweaks here and there! See you all for the next update!
  7. There are already a few games on Steam using HTML5, for instance Adventure Lamp which was made using Construct 2 (there is even one that was posted here recently). Basically you can wrap any HTML5 app using nw.js (used to be called node-webkit). It's like a Chrome browser without all the toolbars, and some additional APIs.
  8. Thanks man, I definitely wouldn't have pushed a game like that if it wasn't for js13k Now let's see if I can "compete" with the big players on Greenlight. For those interested, I also still working on the game itself. I am still trying to make it look fun, add relevant gameplay elements, and balance the whole thing, so feedback (postive AND negative) is always welcome
  9. Hello everyone, Some of you may remember the results of js13k 2016, in which Glitchbuster made first in the mobile category, and second overall. Ever since I started working on that game, I knew I wanted to make something bigger, not bound by the 13kb limit. Well, after several months of work on v2 of the game, I just published the game on Steam Greenlight, and I'm hoping that I can release it on the Steam platform in the coming months. Steam Greenlight is basically a community system where players can vote for the games they want to see in the store. Games that are popular enough get the right to get published on Steam and are accessible to millions of players. The game is quite different from the original js13 entry, so here is the pitch: And here is a nice trailer I put together: If you think the game is worth putting on Steam, please take a minute and upvote it using your Steam account on its dedicated page: Glitchbuster is the result of months of work, and getting to publish it on Steam would mean a lot to me. I appreciate any kind of support, and I would really love it if you could help me get it to the Steam store.
  10. Thanks Benny Sorry I didn't see that message earlier. In the case of js13k, I use my own compiler simply because I can make it more efficient than just minifying the code. Minifiers can't make certain assumptions, especially in terms of mangling. Making the same game with just a regular minifier isn't possible imho. To give you an idea, if I turn off my custom mangling, I'm 1628 bytes over the limit... Anyway, the compiler is on Github: I may write an article about it, but I feel like it's too late now.
  11. Apparently you guys didn't wait to put the game on your webite
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  13. Just a quick update, since js13k is over now, I was able to squeeze more things in the game, such as the pause menu, and the ability to select the quality (high res/low res). On a side note, if you wish to support my entry, feel free to go to, and hit the tweet button. Thanks
  14. I updated the game (still available at ) and am planning to submit tomorrow, unless something major comes up. Some of the updates include: - new HUD style, emphasizes on what's important - larger field of view - larger screen on desktop - no quality prompt on desktop anymore (though still present on mobile) - difficulty tweaks, especially item drops - updated map generation - animation adjustments - slightly better performance - visual help when throwing breakpoints/grenades - ... aaaaaand a lot of byte squeezing Let me know what you guys think
  15. The mobile/desktop screen actually has nothing to do with touch screens or not. It's only for the quality of the graphics For the full screen, because of the way if is compiled, it might be very complicated. I'll give it a try though.