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  1. Yes, if there is any questions regarding the contest rules, I am happy to answer it. We have many prizes for developers every season, so I would love to invite developers to take a chance.
  2. Hello Everybody! I am happy to announce to you all that the second round of HTML5 GAME DEVELOP CONTEST in China has started in July 15th! This time, we have three partners together with us. There are Maxthon Browser, Cheetah Browser and Linekong. They are all top internet companies and started to set foot in Html5 Game industry this year. We are happy to cooperate with them and determined to bring all developers a better and just contest! The contest is divided into two session. Session One: 2015.07.15-2015.10.15. We will choose 20 nominees (Prize 2000 RMB) and 10 top games (Prize:
  3. Hey all, we already sent all payment last week, except for Blacksnowflake, which we failed to sent out due to some account reason according to the paypal customer service, but dont worry, we will find way to solve it. Btw, we will host another contest very soon in Next Month. Hope developers can join it and win prize as the first time!
  4. Thank you for the explanation, Hoowu Game establish the platform since 2014, Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest is the first time that we host the contest, sorry to disappoint some developers due to the change of prize, next time we will try best to make the contest more fair and just. Regarding the exclusive publishing agreement, we will sign a contract with developer, so no need to worry about it.
  5. brush ticket means someone clicked one certain game with same IP over and over again
  6. No wonder road safety is one of the best games, we hope you can keep working and win other prizes in our next contest!
  7. I think we both know what does "brush tickets" means, why we don't cancel it its because we think Jellyfish Rescue is still a good game, so we give a prize for it and show our respect for developer for their support. Why the prize is not as expected, is because we really cant choose the game qualified enough. Please understand.
  8. thats ture. but unfortunately we don't find a game that is good enough to get those big pirze, the reason I already explain to totor.
  9. you can check our rule of grading, one thing which is important is that we want developers can released their original work at the first time at Hoowu Games before they released their games to other platform, or at least at the same time. Most of the contest games are already released before they join contest. Strictly they cant win any of the prize because we have rules regarding it, as you can see in open.51h5.com if you can understand Chinese, but, as we said, we want to encourage all developers, so we set up those prizes, hope next time there are some games appear that reach the expectatio
  10. Hi the game is original in Chinese, sorry we don't know about it, but we will deal with it asap
  11. Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest Results After half year of competition, Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest finally comes to its ending. We want to thank for all developers’ support during these 6 months. In China, HTML5 games is a heat currently, however, there are many reskined works. Hoowu Game host this contest because we want to provide a just and good platform for all developers, to promote the developing of original games as well. We are devoted to take a part in building a healthy and prosperous HTML5 game industry. At the end of the contest, we want to express our special thanks to ALIBABA group fo
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