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  1. This project might also give you some clues. https://github.com/node-3d/3d-core-raub
  2. If you can live without the DOM. for desktop you can also try pkg + glfw-raub + webgl-raub https://www.npmjs.com/package/pkg
  3. https://spector.babylonjs.com/
  4. I noticed that this line in the playground js: fpsLabel.innerHTML = engine.getFps().toFixed() + " fps"; causes unnecessary overhead to the page rendering. Using 'textContent' should speed things up.
  5. I'm getting ready to release a new game oriented physics engine. The main aim was to bring some of the advantages of the full physics engines out there (Box, P2, chipmunk etc) without the (performance) overhead and usable for a large subset of games with minimal effort. High performance, 100's active game objects with low CPU usageDesigned for tiled worlds, guarantees no catching on edgesSupports large worlds (tested up to 5000x5000 tiles) with features to manage active/inactive regions (sleeping, cleanup etc)Supports CCD (continuous collision detection) with low overhead for object vs world and object vs objectArcade type responses with optional elasticity, friction and restitution whilst retaining a good feelPluggable broad-phase (brute-force, grids etc)Only rectangle shapes (sorry!)It supports the usual contact callbacks, broadphase queries (search area, ray casts etc)Various built in character controllers that mimic various platform type game feels.Very easy setup, minimal code to integrate. Low cognitive load.There is alpha demo here: http://www.rjewson.com/demo/ Used WASD and space to fire. If you end up in the water bottom right you wont be able to get out. The canvas renderer is not optimal but does its job. What I'm looking for are any features you always wanted from such an engine... FYI, It currently written in Haxe.