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  1. Oh that's too bad...Planning to release some new engine may be?
  2. Hi guys, I am currently developing a game based on engine specified in the title: QICI Their latest release was 3 month ago and i am a bit curious whether it is completely dead or there is some huge update coming. Maybe anyone could share some information?
  3. @ivan.popelyshev @Fatalist Thank you guys, i got the point
  4. Hi guys, I am having troubles with quality when down-scaling images with PIXI. Here is a demonstration of the issue. Right one is original image, and left one is 0.3 scaled image. The problem is that the scaled image has lost quality by a lot. Can anyone share whether they have had similar issues with PIXI and how did they solve it probably?
  5. Thanks, will definetly look at that one. Absolutely will do, thank you
  6. Thanks for your feedback, expresses my thoughts exactly. Yes definetly it will utizlize websockets. I am doing it with Sails.js. I am not sure though whether i should use a game engine because all UI elements will be native DOM objects. May be the game process itself will be on Canvas / WebGL, not sure whether i need it or not yet.
  7. I am planning to make a tactical turn based combat game and would really like to know, whether the community will like to play such kind of a game in HTML5. For those who don't know what genre it is i used a famous game name in poll title. Please feel free to leave comments. P.S. The game will not be a copy of Heathstone. The poll name is just a simple way to show the game genre/type.
  8. Hello, i would like to be part of a team. I am looking to build my portfolio right now and can work solely for this purpose at the start. Let me know if interested.
  9. Guramidev

    Circular World

    I would suggest going the way @Skeptron suggested. If you append map to the end of it, you still need the type of map which will assure seamless transition. Given such map it matters not whether you append the map or reset players position to the symmetric opposite point. This is pretty all you need for this: And it is better from the memory usage perspective, than appending the map to the end.
  10. You can do a very easy circle collision detection avoiding Math.sqrt which i observed to increase performance a lot, i hope you get the idea through code: AI.prototype.intersect = function(circle1,circle2) { return this.double(circle1.radius + circle2.radius) >= this.getDistance(circle1,circle2); }; AI.prototype.getDistance = function(circle1,circle2) { return this.double(circle2.x - circle1.x) + this.double(circle2.y - circle1.y); }; AI.prototype.double = function(arg) { return arg*arg; };
  11. @AzraelTycka thanks For all people out there who may have the same question here is a good post, its outdated but still applicable for today: The conclusion i make is, if a game heavily relies on UI, like a lot and not only health bar / point / simple modal windows , than its better to use DOM UI, make a prototype of the game only for web and if it will be successful make a Canvas UI version of it to target mobile/tablets, otherwise it is too much hassle which may lead to no result and disappointment. Thanks for answers guys.
  12. @AzraelTycka I thought DOM elements and styling them with CSS could not be ported to IOS/Android, can it?
  13. Hello everyone, I am very new to community and honestly don't know much about game development in web. I want to create a web-based game but it is very hard to decide one thing: 1) Should i go and use html elements / css 2) Should i use only canvas / webgl? It is a hard decision because the game will heavily rely on UI elements, and making that only on canvas will be really a challenge, while using html/css will make it really easy. Things to be made will include registration forms and such kind of staff. The question to you guys therefore is: Is using html/css ok in web games? Will the game be able to port on IOS / Android? Best Regards Guramidev
  14. Hello everyone, I am very new to game development, and even more new to Phaser, so may be i am about to ask something stupid, but i would appreciate helping me with this matter. I am creating a little HTML5 board game, and for now, i have written an AI for the game which servers the purpose of generating random but solvable game. When AI is run it returns specified amount of circles with x/y/radius and value parameters of the circle. Drawing those object with phaser looks something like this: At this stage an active circle should be selected, and to describe the selection i want to animate active circle's radius, which would result in circle getting smaller/bigger during the animation. Code i am using for this is: _this.phaser.circles[0]).to({ radius: -90 }, 1000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true, 0, 1000, true);But it is not working, when i want to animate x/y properties it is working just fine, but radius just doesn't work. _this.phaser.circles[0] is in this case a graphical object, when i log it i can see that it has x/y properties which i guess results in them being animated with the tween, it also has radius property and _diameter property, but i can not animate any of them. Is it not possible to animate radius, or am i doing something wrong in this case?