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  1. Hello! Thank you for the comments! Just sort of getting back into it. I updated the game recently to add battles, and now you can attack with the title screen: use-title-screen - Copy_Trim_scaled.mp4
  2. Been working on a comedy JRPG using WebGL/rxjs/gl-matrix/webpack called Matt Fantasy VI. A super short demo is online at https://www.mattfanstasy.com . Wanted to share it here to show how it's coming along!
  3. Hello everyone, Wanted to share a project I've been working on called Superweb.app--the goal for this project is to help HTML 5 game devs deploy offline/native-like JS games to the web using your own domain names. I started building this to host my own games but thought it might be helpful for other people too. If you have time, would you be willing to give Superweb.app a shot and send me any feedback you have? If so, please sign up here and let me know how it goes! Here's a little more detail: Superweb.app hosts your game assets and configures a service worker to cache you
  4. Thanks for your thoughts! I'll check it out.
  5. I think I found it... Looks like custom pipelines is the thing?
  6. Re: #2, I just started using Phaser 3 with TS 2.8.3. One note is that the TS definitions aren't included in the main repo (the readme has info on that), so you'll have to include those manually. Re: #3, I think you can use the JS packager of your choice, but recently I've been using ParcelJS because it doesn't require any configurations to get TS hooked up.
  7. Hello, again! Anybody know if it's possible to animate TileSprites in Phaser 3? I was thinking of doing something like this, but couldn't find the Phaser 3 equivalent. Thank you!!
  8. Hello! I checked around the Phaser 3 docs, but I couldn't find the new way of using filters/shaders. Does anybody have an idea of where I should look to read up on the Phaser 3 way of handling that? Thank you!
  9. 5-6 seems like the right amount of bots to give a more multiplayer feel to the game if nobody else is online!
  10. Just gave the game a shot--really cool! Was wondering if you had considered adding in bots?
  11. The marble game is especially neat! Nice job!!
  12. Thank you @kpded! Those two issues you pointed out are definitely bugs--thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for your feedback on adding some limitations about the number of units. I've been wondering about how to make this a bit more challenging as well. My current thought is making the time element more important so that the player has to try to build cubes/units while minimizing the amount of time it takes to get production to 100. Not sure if that'll serve the same purpose, but might help?
  13. AI City Planner http://aicity.mtmckenna.com Hello! This game still has a ways to go (e.g. I still have to put in win conditions...), but I wanted to share it here to get any immediate reactions/thoughts people had. The game is called AI City Planner, and the idea is to help your fellow robots reach the singularity by replacing the human buildings with AI cubes. I'm building the game with Three.js, Howler.js, and Rollup.js and (currently, anyway) deploying it to aicity.mtmckenna.com via Surge.sh. If you give the game a try, please let me know what you think! Thank
  14. This past weekend, I took a break from working on another game I'm working on called Space Pizzas (here's the forum post) to try out a couple web development technologies I hadn’t previously used: GlimmerJS and TypeScript. If you're not familiar with Glimmer, it is a component library (like React) with quite a bit more tooling (like Ember). And if you're not familiar with TypeScript, it is superset of JavaScript that adds a type system in the hopes of making big applications less fraught with peril than your typical big JavaScript app.Using the above technologies, I made a game called Croissan
  15. Hello! This weekend, I added bots to Space Pizzas. Now, whenever there are fewer than the maximum allowable number of human players (4) in the game, a bot will be added in their stead. Here’s a GIF of the bots (the ships in white) in action: In case it’s interesting to anybody, I made the bot “AI” really basic--the bots mostly move randomly, hitting the gas 75% of the time and turning 15% of the time. Here’s the code: import { didThingHappen } from './util'; const CHANCE_OF_CONTINUING_TO_GAS = 0.75; const CHANCE_OF_CONTINUING_TO_TURN = 0.15; const CHANCE_OF_TURNING_
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