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  1. Which engine you use on remake? And make levels a bit easier.
  2. Do you mean, you want to make characters to own files? In that case you need to make own class for every character and then just call when needed in game.js http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=sprites&f=extending+sprite+demo+1.js&t=extending%20sprite%20demo%201 http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/6896-general-functionality-and-inheritance/
  3. Looks really nice! Would you be interested in to create some graphics for my games?
  4. I use NetBeans and Sublime.
  5. Which framework do you use? If you use Phaser, have you tried scaling with EXACT_FIT setting? Always make scaling from big to small, never from small to big. Your game looks really nice
  6. ekeimaja


    Send this to Steam Greenlight, PC-playing never die
  7. Here you can find almost everyhing needed in game dev. http://github.com/ellisonleao/magictools
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    If you want to make money with games, this would definitely be it.
  9. This IS nice! How did you do that?
  10. It makes so, because anchor of Y-axis is 1 and X-axis is 0.5. You can define anchor easier like this: anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);
  11. Now I got it to work with collisiongroup, just nothing clue how I managed to get it work
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    This is really masterpiece! I hope you get to markets with this.
  13. Really nice game. Tiling was first a it strange, cause it did not turn as expected. AI is really good too.
  14. Not sure if somebody is already asked this. PLEASE make overlap collision check to p2 physics! CollisionGroups does not fit to all kind of types of games! By far I have not any positive to say about P2 collision checks.
  15. This looks really good. I see potential in this project, just make sure this wont freeze
  16. This was my first ever made game on Game Maker on 2007. Now remaking it with Phaser. This doesn't maybe suit for playing, but this style of game is great for trying and learning new things.
  17. When I tried to open with Firefox, loading freezes on 83%, and on Chromium page loads advertisements, so cannot get into game. Could you upload this somewhere else where is not ads everywhere?
  18. Yes, I have 2 projects which I am making on my freetime.
  19. It is OK, I am also still learning Phaser, so we are on same line
  20. Is there tutorial, what is best way to make level/state change as non-portable way? I mean when level1 is completed, level2 comes direct to after level1, so it changes level without any loading or other fancy things.
  21. Could you make i.e. text file with english captions?
  22. I can help, I browse these forums really often during day (as somebody may see). I also have previous experience about working on moderator/administrator.
  23. Can you show what kind of skills you have in JS right now? I am searching members for a team now...
  24. This is simpliest sample I've seen by now. Good work!
  25. I meant to take screenshot from your game.