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  1. great empu!, no , there's no reason to use v3, I think v4 is better option too. now I can finally move to panda2, will buy the engine, the plugin is just import? or change some sintaxis ?
  2. nice!, what version of pixi do you plan to integrate as webgl rendering? (v3 , v4?)
  3. hi, it's great to see the engine updated and an entirely suit, 99 usd it's a good price for all the stuff. I'm are an active pandajs user developer, using ver 1.13 I think with a lot off stuff extra like the updated pixi.js and other kind of things like that. My question are simple, panda 2 uses webgl rendering or it's full canvas rendering?, is there a real reason, in terms of performance gain, using panda 2 instead of the old one? when I ask for performance I'm only mean how it's run on mid- end mobile devices. thanks!
  4. mrkarate

    Panda 2 development

    yes! I'm using your fork, have you update it with more??, (I like it!, love animation system that your fork use it). What editor you actually use? I use intelliJ with web-javascript module, to activate autocomplete, but don't work very well.
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    Panda 2 development

    Hi!, about the ios9 orientation bug, I still work with a 1.13.2 ver (a modded version with animated system from panda 2, but it's still panda 1) to everyone still using panda 1 and want to fix this (you won't have device.ios9 method), I just do same as enpu say, but replace game.device.IOS9, to game.device.iOS (so this will affect to any apple device, but already test and don't break nothing. and call after game.system._onWindowResize(); to game.system.checkOrientation();. then, if you want to use an image to display "please rotate" go to engine/system.js, and edit the function resizeRotateImage: and comment this line: if (window.innerHeight < game.System.rotateDiv.image.height) { and change the "auto", on width or height (depend if you game is landscape, portrait), and add window.innerWidth + 'px' (or height), with this, your img always resize,we forze it, yes maybe can deform a little if the device has too wide aspect, or too portrait, but, this is the only way I found to always see the image, and always display correctly. before ios9, this feature works perfect, don't know why ios9 appear to broke all (google safari webAudio...) Enpu about panda2, I want to know, why not webGL ? you did a webgl port to impactjs, trying to save it, (I guess only haha), then that's your start point to create this wonderfull engine as panda, incredibble performance with webgl, (yes canvas perform very well too, but webgl is still faster), and then, version 2.0, you decide not implemeted? is there a reason? Every engine I know, is always more capable if has webgl support from the start (because when it's a third party plugin, always is a bad signal), and always the engine with native support of it performs well, so really don't understand the meaning of this, for example, the same project build with panda, if you transcode to panda 2, you get better or at least same performance than panda 1?, I mean, you are creating a super canvas performance engine?, or this is another reason? I really want to know about this, because I want to continue using panda forever, I using impactjs, like a year, then will start to phaser, but sudendly I see panda, reconize you for the impact-webgl-pixi plugin, and don't think twice, since then I have using panda, but this kind of giving webgl support to v2, like a non priority or only for external plugin... I really make me affraid of it. anyway, good work!
  6. Hi, I use ejecta to build my game to native xcode, and all was working ok. My question is because I need to implemente a third party native xcode api to the game, so, I need to get some way my score, and send it to this api. so, my question is, is possible some way, I can create a native objC var and set it with my score var from my javascript game?, or it simple impossible? Really thanks guys!.
  7. hi, this is weird, but I add a sprite to the loader bar, (first load texture, when texture it's loaded I create sprite var, and when sprite width/height is correct detected (on the first frame it's show 1), then I add to stage, and everything it's ok, the problem it's before that I do: this.logo.interactive = true; this.logo.buttonMode = true; = this.logo.touchstart = this.clickLogo.bind(this); but the function clickLogo never call, clickLogo:function() { alert("QQQQ")'MY LINK!!!/'); }, all other links on my game works, so, is there some problem to call events on loader? (I make this code on the loader.js class, and swapChildren my logo for the barFg, so this way the bar is over my logo. thanks! EDIT: I forgot to mention, no debugs errors at all, just the event's don't fired
  8. yes, I already do that, as I commented it (sorry if I wrote like shit haha, my english it's not good), but I try to delete the baseTexture and the texture, with destroy, using generateTexure, and using cacheasBitmap too, with generateTexture, I see how the sprite using that texture, becoming a black square, so I see how the baseTexture is deleting, then asign null to that texture, with cacheAsBitmap, I, try to set to null, all sprites become again, (no longer a bitmap), and remove every one, but after 6 or 8 times of generate this textures the browser crash (it's same effect If I generate this textures at same time, it's for this I can be sure this bitmaps don't remove from memory, no mather what destroy or other method I use. I can check too, it's not a ios problem, on android too, but android has a lot memory assigned to the browser ( on android I can generate about 15-20 of this textures), so really can't do more, You can check my game right?, I generate a long tile base divided maps before, now I use every tile as a single draw call, but with a smart culling control, so the performance I gained using a single bitmap, is equally to now, instead of the extra draw calls. thanks!
  9. well... finally can't find a solution, every time I make a generateTexture or cacheAsBitmap, it's like memory never release, so finally the game will crash (on mobile, obiosly), no matter what what thing I do to delete cache, texture, memory etc... so finally I create a method to culling my tiles, yes, this will generate more draw calls than use only one big sprite, but, incredibble, my performance it's not worst, I think maybe a little, but no more 1-3 fps less, and this way, my game never crash, always use same memory, Still don't know why the hell the are generateTexture and cacheAsBitmap methods, if you can't use them n times??, maybe you need to unload all cache memory? (but this means reset all your game), really don't understand it, hope someone can explain it. thanks!
  10. found the problem... it's... AUDIO CLASS !!, looks like when resume function executed, try to resume audio too,but I haven't any debugs or error msgs here, but I track audio class and found, when I have on game, and I change from other tab, game pause, and then I came back, game resume but my backgroud music stop and this msg throw (this in on pc too, only on ios work fine) TypeError: Value being assigned to AudioParam.value is not a finite floating-point value. and the line generate that error is: audio.playbackRate.value = rate || 1; function play from audio class I change audio.playbackRate.value = rate || 1; to simple audio.playbackRate.value = 1; and all works ok now, game resize ok, etc... what was exactly this rate value?? thanks!
  11. here's the exact code than make my bug real: alert("ok5") if (this.rotateScreenVisible && game.system && typeof game.system.pause === 'function') game.system.pause(); if (!this.rotateScreenVisible && game.system && typeof game.system.resume === 'function') game.system.resume(); alert("ok6") on android, I got unitl OK5, so the code hang there, (this is the this.checkOrientation(); function)
  12. found the problem!! it's more weird... its FALSE ON ANDROID?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!?! (on ios it's ok) this is the part of code: EDIT!! IT"S NOT THAT!!! WRONG debug!!! haha sorry, it's the this.checkOrientation(); function the problem onResize: function() { alert("QQQ " +; // Mobile orientation if ( this.checkOrientation(); //if (!game.System.scale) return; if ( { alert("NO????") this.ratio = this.orientation === 'landscape' ? this.width / this.height : this.height / this.width; alert("NO???") this.resizeToFill(); // Mobile resize var width = window.innerWidth; var height = window.innerHeight; // iOS innerHeight bug fixes if (game.device.iOS7 && window.innerHeight === 256) height = 320; if (game.device.iOS7 && window.innerHeight === 319) height = 320; if (game.device.iOS7 && game.device.pixelRatio === 2 && this.orientation === 'landscape') height += 2; if (game.device.iPad && height === 671) height = 672; the second time, the game never pass if ( { part very very weird....
  13. I have three different android devices, and none of them have some changes, I I send you a link throught private msg, can you check it?, wait game load, and then rotate it, and rotate again, maybe if you see the resize problem, you have an idea
  14. I just check!, on sytem, I just debug it, and on ios, when you rotate the device, (portrait to landscape, landscape to portrait, etc), always enter to the onResize function, inside the if module if (this.width > this.height) { because is a landscape game, but on android, only the first time, and never more... very weird...
  15. do you know where are the handlers to control the rotation and resize events?, maybe if I scale it manually can fix this,
  16. I test on android 4.3, chrome, and all android system, give me the resize problem, the game just work fine until you turn the cellphone again, then rotate, and don't scale, it;s just a small box center on the screen but the first time the game works well, so really weird and don't understand it... do you know about the resize things like: another ask, is possible to make the game looks equal on every resolution ?, I'm explain, I made the game on 960x634 res, and use resizeToFill method con config, works great on so many devices, but I notice the tablets with more squared aspect ratio (like 800x600 res), change the game area a lot, is there a way, the game scale that pixels instead of show more area? thanks!
  17. yes ! I have using your forked version!, I will update then to 2.0, and will ask here if I got troubled! where I can checkout the latest config file and system module for screen scaling settings?? thanks!
  18. and I confirm, the old scene method and the new one have very different renders draws on update, and the new scene have update order, so I reaaly don't know what's wrong in that, but sure about that new scene draw method are the android resize problem.
  19. i'm on the final phase... , just the android bug left, but, what things I have to change to use ver 2.0?, can you give me some advice?, where to download it, and what things I have to change ? I already use the new animation system. my current android bug, is a bug from this version? or a 2.0 bug too?, another ask, is possible to make the game looks equal on every resolution ?, I'm explain, I made the game on 960x634 res, and use resizeToFill method con config, works great on so many devices, but I notice the tablets with more squared aspect ratio (like 800x600 res), change the game area a lot, is there a way, the game scale that pixels instead of show more area? thanks guys!! I really appretiate your help
  20. hi empu, I try all options, and find the problem is the scene class, but I can't use the new animation system, because doesn't work with the old scene class, no errors, just all hang, no updates, no events, and no draws, just a blank screen, (no traces, no logs, no debus, nothing), and I try all old clases from 1.13.1, all 1.13.1 engine, only with new scene class, and the result it's the same, so, I'm sure the android resize problem is on the scene class, but the problem is I can't get new animations work with old scene class, any sugestion really will be appreciate it! thanks!!!
  21. you mean, using all 1.13.1 files, but replace only renderer.js file? is there some other file asociated with animation? this is a problem from new pixi.js file?, it's a common problem?,( I ask for whatever I can do for help, I will do it), thanks!
  22. it's: Panda.js 1.13.2Pixi.js 2.2.9(this is throw on debug log) this version it's the 1.13.1 but with a small updated from pixi and the animation system from the new version you're actual working I try the 1.13.1 and ... WORKS OK!!!! ,NOOOOOOOOOO I already convert all my game animation system, from the old one to this!!!for example, before I use a lot of arrays and vars, now my player sprites are: this.flaks[l].addAnim('up',arrayAnims[0],{ loop:false, speed:60}); this.flaks[l].addAnim('down',arrayAnims[2],{ loop:false, speed:60}); etc..... but a lot!!! all sprites!!! I have already 70 assets animated noooo!!!! if I have to convert all again to use 1.13.1 I will kill myself!!!!!please enpu, any ideas, any thing you maybe think can cause that weird problem, I will test everything!!!, really appreciate it!! thanks!!!!!
  23. hi!, I just have a weird problem, and just on ios (I think android gave more memory to browser resources). I have a dinamic game, with a dinamic map, so I generate a tileset of 26x25 tiles (100x100 each tile), and then I tried two things: that container, I convert to cache as bitmap, and when the player got to the final of that tileset, I cacheasbitmap = false the container, remove all sprites, and then add a new tileset (but from same tileset family, only change order, and all tileset are added on start), and make cacheasbitmap again, the other method I use, is instead of cacheasbitmap that tileset container, I add tileset too, but use the generateTexture() method, and to delete it, I use texture.destroy() method. The two methods works, I have 1 draw call per tileset instead of 400, so thats very nice. THE PROBLEM!!, is, no matter what I do, on ios, (on iphone 6 plus!! so it's not a limited ios device), when I generate, the 6 or the 7 tileset, the browser crash and restart, and I already check and have sure is this method that crash, because I try to only generate 5 of this segments of tileset, and then no generate more, only move on the last one, and the game don't crash, so I think, whatever I do, removing this sprites, or destroy the texture, I think the engine doesn't really remove from memory, have someone this problem before?? really thanks!
  24. hi, is there some has this problem? I have a landscape game, (960x634 real res), so when I put cellphone on portrait, it's show's the please rotate display, that's ok, I rotate the phone and all it's ok, but if I rotate again, and come back to landscape, or I minimize the browser and come back, the game scale to ... mmm I think it's 50% or 30% the screen res, I still see all the game area, but downsized, instead of strech it, have some any idea of this? (this don't happend on ios, only on android to me), I use webgl (without webgl my game performance is terrible). thanks!