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    mrkarate got a reaction from PixelPicoSean in Panda 2 development   
    Hi!, about the ios9 orientation bug, I still work with a 1.13.2 ver (a modded version with animated system from panda 2, but it's still panda 1)
    to everyone still using panda 1 and want to fix this (you won't have device.ios9 method), I just do same as enpu say, but replace
    game.device.IOS9, to game.device.iOS (so this will affect to any apple device, but already test and don't break nothing.
    and call after game.system._onWindowResize();  to game.system.checkOrientation();.
    then, if you want to use an image to display "please rotate"  go to engine/system.js, and edit the function resizeRotateImage:
    and comment this line:
    if (window.innerHeight < game.System.rotateDiv.image.height) {
    and change the "auto", on width  or height (depend if you game is landscape, portrait), and add window.innerWidth + 'px' (or height),
    with this, your img always resize,we forze it,  yes maybe can deform a little if the device has too wide aspect, or too portrait, but, this is the only way I found to always see the image, and always display correctly. before ios9, this feature works perfect, don't know why ios9 appear to broke all (google safari webAudio...)
    Enpu about panda2, I want to know, why not webGL ?  you did a webgl port to impactjs, trying to save it, (I guess only haha), then that's your start point to create this wonderfull engine as panda, incredibble performance with webgl, (yes canvas perform very well too, but webgl is still faster), and then, version 2.0, you decide not implemeted? is there a reason? Every engine I know, is always more capable if has webgl support from the start (because when it's a third party plugin, always is a bad signal), and always the engine with native support of it performs well, so really don't understand the meaning of this, for example, the same project build with panda, if you transcode to panda 2, you get better or at least same performance than panda 1?, I mean, you are creating a  super canvas performance engine?, or this is another reason? I really want to know about this, because I want to continue using panda forever, I using impactjs, like a year, then will start to phaser, but sudendly I see panda, reconize you for the impact-webgl-pixi plugin, and don't think twice, since then I have using panda, but this kind of giving webgl support to v2, like a non priority or only for external plugin... I really make me affraid of it.
    anyway, good work!
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