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    veggis reacted to FlashyGoblin in Help with rotating sprite from current rotation   
    If anyone is interested, I was able to figure it out. Here is an updated example.
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    veggis got a reaction from GregDev in Spawn Sprites as they get close to player   
    In your game are the enemies scattered around the map outside of the camera boundaries? If so enabling autoculling on the enemy sprites might solve some performance hits. https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser-ce/Phaser.Component.AutoCull.html
    If the enemy class do alot in its update method then that might be a problem too. Killing and reviving the enemy when outside camera boundaries is another solution. You should look into object pooling.
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    veggis reacted to rcoaxil in FPS drop with camera movement & tilemaps   
    In the other thread the issue was narrowed down to Tilemap plugin tanking performance in post-render. Seems like it needs to grind though all of your tiles to determine which ones should be rendered, and it does it in not so stellar fashion.
    Try using a spritebatch directly in place of the tilemap. In most other engines, just rendering your entire map in a sprite batch without bothering with any culling winds up just as fast (often much faster) than using sophisticated algorithms.
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