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  1. Thanks! I aim to post updates whenever I have them!
  2. Hi guys! I wanted to share a game with you guys that I’ve been working on. While I’m aiming to make it cross-platform, a bulk of the work (including the editor) has been done in HTML5. The game I’m working on is called “Be the Guy!”, and it’s essentially a parody (in some aspects) of A Link to the Past. Instead of a sword, you’ll have a baseball bat. Instead of a shield, you’ll have a trash can lid. It’s not Princess Zelda that needs saving, it’s just Princess. See where this is going? I plan on posting a link to a demo fairly soon, and I go into more detail in my dev log, but I
  3. Hello everyone! Nice to make your acquaintance. It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on here, and I’d like to change that. So let’s start a conversation. Whatcha working on? You a team? Solo developer? Let’s chat! I’d love to hear from you.
  4. RT @GradeAUnderA: This was before I discovered emulators. http://t.co/uCWts239PT

  5. Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a job/contract as a game programmer. I have experience using phaser.js, Unity and sdl. I have been programming as a hobby for the last 10+ years, with the odd programming job here and there. I really want to build up a portfolio, so I am willing to work on lower budget projects (within reason). I have two html5 games published on the Chrome web store, one built from scratch, and the other using the phaser engine. Both of which I will link to down below. I can work on projects solo, or as part of a team. I am also a fast learner, so if you ha
  6. Awesome!! I find the audio is a bit distorted on my phone, but I'm bookmarking this so I can play it on my computer when I get a chance awesome job man, keep it up
  7. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone was still trying to support the iCade 8-Bitty with their mobile games? I have a simple library I built in javascript, and it works quite well with iOS. (I haven't tested it with Android yet.) The code can be found here: http://mindgaugestudios.appspot.com/8bittyjs/ and there's a simple example using Phaser.js so you can test out the controller on your own. I hope some of you can use this, as well as hopefully help me to improve it. Regards, Pix
  8. I'm not 100% sure how efficient this would be, but what about checking collision? That is, checking to see if the piece is in bounds of a white or black square. And then go from there?
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