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  1. Same question, is it possible to display the edges of a specific face in a grid ? Or better, display only one side of a face ? I'm looking for how to do that for a while
  2. i have not great knowledge on Blender, and I'm curious to know if we can do that programmatically. nobody knows how to do this ?
  3. Have you try to put all the file in the same folder ? scene.babylon , scene.babylon.manifest and your html document , set the full permissions don't work sometimes. try to check, if the problem comes from the permissions or not
  4. hmm .. I'm not sure of what you want .. something like that ? http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RD8NR#4 (line 117 - 133) Maybe you want move the blueBox with the mouse , but it is already the case , no ?
  5. I took a look on your website, you use an old version of Babylon.js (Yes, 11-02-2015 it's old for Babylon.js ) If you look here : http://doc.babylonjs.com/whats-new a list of all the updates for each version of Babylon. And for the version 2.1 : "No more error when a manifest is not found" So, you can try to update your babylon.js version, you can find the current version (2.2) right here : http://www.babylonjs.com/babylon.js This should fix the error 403. Maybe other errors too ..
  6. You have a "403 forbidden" error, access to the file is forbidden. your link is "./../.." try to put your babylon file and the manifest in the same folder as the javascript file , just to test I don't know at all if it will solve the problem. But the error 403 says that a file is not accessible, then ..
  7. you mean turn the mesh vertically ? you can do a mesh.rotation.x (x, y or z, it depends on what direction you want) something like this http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RD8NR#2 I let you adjust the value as you wish
  8. have you try to put your .babylon file in the sandbox ? http://www.babylonjs.com/sandbox/ What do you see ?
  9. My mesh was made with Blender yes, but I want to apply the texture when I click on an other element . So I have to do this by hand with babylon ..
  10. Hi, I would like to apply a texture on a precise zone of my mesh (ground), on several faces. I think the UV map should be a good solution to do that, but for the moment I didn't find how to do that. Any idea/example/documentation which could help me ?
  11. Hi, I have a mesh that I import from Blender. On this plane I put a material of different color on each faces. Up to that point, no problem, the export to Blender is good. However, I need to flip some faces of my plane at precise moments (those who followed my topics know why ), the problem is that when I flip one or several faces, all the materials of my plane disappear, including the materials of the faces that I didn't flipped. Ideas of the origin of the problem ?
  12. I think I can't use that. I should have to be more precise about what I want to do. The playground I make is just an example, in fact, I have several holes, number of hole can change, their position, their size and their form too. So I can't draw a precise texture like you do. What I thought to do is to get back all the faces which are around the hole (I know how to do that). And for all that faces around the holes, find their side in contact with the faces which compose the hole, to finally enable a edge (border) on this side (inner side to the hole) With code, this shouldn't be the easier part to realize, but I still think that it is the best solution so that I can adapt this effect on any hole
  13. hmm .. I'm not sure to understand how to do what you say, it's tricky with my animation I think, no ? Can you do an example on a playground ?
  14. Nobody know how to display the polygon's edges with a blur effect at the mouseover on the hole ? I think it's not the easier but, the render should be better visually but also in performance
  15. Hi varomix, Alpha map ? You mean a duplicate of my ground mesh which I place just behind my current ground mesh ? I already think to that solution, reduce the size of the duplicate mesh and change its alpha value should work but I'm afraid with the two ground mesh,with all these polygons the animation becomes too weighty and start to lag, especially on mobile devices ...