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  1. I have finally finished one of my careers biggest games yet. It's a game meant to showcase the company I work at: Brandlift. It encompasses 1 big world and 9 minigames and 9 playable characters. Be sure to keep music and sound effects on . It has 3 different resolutions: 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 960x540, which is chosen depending on your screens size. Hope you enjoy! http://brandlift-ssl.eu/bl_game/
  2. People will tell you to use the phaser-tiled plugin, you can also try that or give my library a try. https://github.com/SimonTamas/TiledChunks/wiki I wrote some documentation on the wiki. If you like it and have some questions I'll be sure to answer them and update the wiki at the same time. It is capable of a lot more than what I wrote on the wiki so ask and I shall answer.
  3. You need to add the pixi and the p2 declaration files to your project as well.
  4. This looks pretty awesome. If you added TypeScript support and automatic compiling I would be hooked!
  5. So we are no longer able to add Graphics to other Graphics?
  6. After updating to 2.4.8 and swapping my TS def files I am getting Error TS2415 Class 'Graphics' incorrectly extends base class 'DisplayObjectContainer'. Types of property 'generateTexture' are incompatible. Type '(resolution?: number, scaleMode?: number) => Texture' is not assignable to type '(resolution?: number, scaleMode?: number, renderer?: PixiRenderer) => RenderTexture'. Type 'Texture' is not assignable to type 'RenderTexture'. Property 'renderer' is missing in type 'Texture'. XYY\declarations\pixi.comments.d.ts 1261 Active
  7. Something very weird has happened with the arcade.overlap function. I have an overlap check in my update function which worked till now, but now after 1 overlap call, it returns false on consequent calls... edit: I solved the problem by using the "intersects" function. I realized the overlap function is now used as a listener..
  8. I really like the new camera features! Thank you!
  9. Forget what I said, the listenerContext is the "this". So my bad. In any case, it would be great if we could get a named return for the context, so as to not have to localize and classifiy the "this" in the callback scope. Example: where "this" is a Minigame class this.game.add.tween(this.game.world).to({ alpha: 0 }, 1000, Phaser.Easing.Circular.Out, true).onComplete.add(function (_world:Phaser.World,_tween:Phaser.Tween,_minigame:Minigame) { _minigame.Destroy(); },this) instead of the current possbile solution this.game.add.tween(this.game.world).to({ alpha
  10. When tweening the Phaser.World, and adding an onComplete event, the listenerContext does not return itself. What happens instead, is that the world container gets returned.
  11. Thank you for the response but there is no such command as setHandCursor. (And I am using a Graphic as a button background withing a Group anyways) And yeah, I am already using the first line which only changes the cursor to pointer if i move the mouse atleast 1 pixel.
  12. I have a sprite with .useHandCursor = true and events.onInputOver.add(this.OnMouseOver, this); BUT: If the mouse is already over the sprite I have to move it out and back again for the event to trigger. Now this is not a problem becouse I can rectangle.contain check the mouse cursors position when my button shows but that is only a graphical change. I need to also change the cursor to pointer. I also got this to work but I have to move the cursor (atleast 1 pixel) for the cursor to change. Is this a browser/html thing? If not how could I instantly change the cursor?
  13. I have a custom Preloader which has been working fine, but now when i try to preload a 8.43 MB mp4 WebOptimized video (made with HandBrake) my preloader breaks with the message: Phaser.Loader - active loading canceled / reset If I remove the video the preloader loads fine OR if I clear the cache file of the video (on the browser) it also loads fine! When the loading breaks I get the 304 Not Modified status code for the video. What could be causing this?
  14. Thanks Rich, that was fast! Everything is ok now.
  15. I have the same issues with text not rendering and also adding a sprite with Arcade collider body to a group gives me an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeFromHash' of null
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