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  1. Hey I was navigating on steam website at the time you submitted there, and I imediately recognized it from this post ) I think you've made a wonderful thing so far and if you'll succeed with the development we'll have another clasic (like Terraria) . Just keep doing this, I can't wait to play the final version!
  2. It's cute and funny, and I like the Mario feel, but you should consider changing its name http://store.steampowered.com/app/283080/?l=romanian See what I mean? also you should make some adjustments to the tiled background, when you play the game (I think you have "letterbox fullscreen" enabled) that annoying black line appears between the object in the background. I also had trouble with that so it helps just to re-position it or fix the size I think. Anyway, good job!
  3. I explained it in the description, on Newgrounds. You must prevent the robots to break into your garden and steal your peaches ) You do that by stomping on them (press A), you can use Dash (S) in order to move faster, and you can activate the Panic Button (D) when the power-bar is filled. Hope this helped you. Good luck!
  4. Hey guys, I just finished a little game I made in about 2 weeks using the free version of Construct2. I did it to celebrate Robots Day 2015 on Newgrounds, and I intend to further develop it based on the feedback, so please give it a try! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660409
  5. Hy there. I've just finished my second game, Red-Head Deception. It's made using the free version of Construct2, so the "100 lines of code" restriction was very harsh, forcing me to remove some of the planned features. I submitted it for the Newgrounds "Deception Jam", and I am eager to read all you feedback You can play the game here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/659674
  6. I adjusted the controls and fixed some things based on people's feedback Good luck with your highscores
  7. That's a very interesting mechanic and I can't wait to play the game What engine did you use ?
  8. My firefox sometimes crashes when I start the game but it might be my fault... Anyway it looks very good
  9. Wow this is pretty addictive I think you should consider some extra things like a World Cup or some tournament like that where you must face goalkeepers with increasing difficulty or different stadiums, details like these (you'd be surprised how such minor things can increase the fun). Good job and keep doing games !
  10. It can be a really entertaining game if you consider to improve its art a little bit I also think that in a world over-saturated by alien-shooters you should try to implement some unique little details to it like random funny events, surprising enemy behaviors or boss fights. In conclusion it's a promising fun-to-play game (maybe I can help you out with the artistic part, pm me if you're interested)
  11. Thank you for your oppinion. I also thought about the controls but if I tweak them the way you're suggesting you'll end up hitting the walls constantly Anyway I hope that during this summer it will make his way in the appstore (with an improved version of course) but right now I'm gathering feedback in order to find out if it's interesting/fun to play and if it will worth my further efforts